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What Does A Smart Event Management Student Earns Besides Pocket Money At Events?

Being a student is one of the most beautiful parts of life because it is the moment when you have time to party, to make friends, to travel, to create special memories and also you have time to develop your character and skills, during different events and courses.

As an event management student, you will participate in a lot of events where you will learn different things and you will meet new people and get new opportunities.

The question is:

What does a smart event management student earns at events?

Will a student earn pocket money during this?

Of course, you will earn some money in form of stipends, which is mandatory for the student life, as long as you need them for food and for drinks to party hard with your friends during exams ( after, before, all the time, here depends on you).

But what is more important than the money that you can earn during such an event?

Is it beneficial to participate or to plan such events?

The answer is yes, it is very beneficial for you to participate or to be an event planner.

10 Things A Smart Event Management Student Can Earn From Events Besides Pocket Money

From my 29 years of experience in the event industry and from experience of  running my own event management institute, I will present in this blog post 10 things that you can earn from an event besides pocket money, that you will never expect and will help you in the future more than you probably know.


Participating at them is considered experience, and this will help you in the future to have more chances of being employed. So, this is a good opportunity to add some experience to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and get the job you desire and enjoy.

New skills

In order to be a great student and a great person, you must earn some skills. These characteristics are developing your personality and are making you better at something.

From such an event you can learn a lot of things that will help you in your career or maybe at your courses. It is important to pay attention to what are people presenting and to try to remember the main ideas.

Get involved in the event activities and you won’t regret that you have learned to do something new and talk with your friends with pride about your new skills when you are cheering for your achievement.

Stress Management and Responsibility

In order to plan such an event, you have to be prepared and to be in control. It must be perfect and you must be responsible for every possible mistake.

You will earn how to be more assumed and this is beneficial for your character development.

Responsibility will help you in the future, because as a grown-up adult you will have to endure a lot of pressure and a lot of things, and without taking the responsibility of resolving them you won’t survive. You have to learn how to cope with stress.


During such an event you will meet new people. Some of them could be employers and companies which are searching for students in order to prepare them and offer them a place to work.

It is a great opportunity for you, as a student, to impress such people and companies in order to go in an internship or in order to get a job.

Even some classes and some tips are useful, considering the fact that they are coming from somebody who knows what they are talking about, somebody who has experience in that domain of activity.

So, this could be one of the greatest rewards of being the planer of such an event, or a participant. Also, teachers could introduce you to companies and recommend you as a possible employee.


Above I said about meeting people. First of all, you will make friends while you are organizing this event.

Other students will get involved within this project.

You will have a lot of fun, laughs and beautiful memories during organizing. After that, you will make friends during the event, when a lot of students will come to ask questions and see what you have achieved.

If you are just a participant, you can make friends too because you can develop a professional relationship with the other organizers.


Your teachers will be impressed by your work and they will respect you more for what you can give.

Also, they can recommend you to some employers or companies in order to develop more skills or to get a new job.

They and other people will appreciate what have you done and they can give you feedback on your work.

This feedback could be negative or positive. You will learn to respect their opinions because you can’t satisfy everybody.

Negative feedback is not always something bad, because it could be constructive and you could learn from it a lot of things, like how to improve your work and you will know how to make it better.


As I said above, people will congratulate you on your work. Positive feedbacks are improving your self-esteem.

Also, after you have finished the event you will feel better because you will know that you have achieved something, that you have worked with all of your powers in order to make everything perfect.

This will give you satisfaction and you will be pleased with it. Self-esteem is a very important factor in your success, a start-up for adult life and the beginning of your future career. Keep in mind that without self-esteem you will be held back by fears of failure and pessimism.

Self Confidence

You will try new tactics from what you have learned before in order to make it better.

This will help you become a better person and will develop your confidence because If you have faith in yourself you will have the power to do what you wish without problems.

Motivation is a great start-up for your future possibilities.

Good academic results

After all, you have studied and lost some time in order to organize this. The teacher will be surely impressed by what have you done, and as long as marks (credits) are important for students to get scholarships, these events could bring you good academic results as a reward for your effort.

It is easy to get a good mark without taking a test or without being embarrassed in front of the class by your teacher, so it is a great opportunity to ensure that your results are the expected ones.


There are some prizes that could be won. In reality, they are not exceptional prizes such as a car, but there are simple and significant prizes that will create great memories such as a shirt or a nice personalized pen.

As I said, these prizes are not the best, they are only symbolic, but they could be significant to you as long as you won them


So, if you are a smart student, participate in an event and you will have a lot of benefits and rewards. Forget about the money you can make because there are greater benefits than some pocket money that will disappear in a matter of seconds.

Imagine that you will make new friends, you will have a good opinion about yourself (because you will be more motivated and you will improve your self-esteem), you will get experience and new skills and also you will learn a lot of new things that will help you more than you know after you graduate and you will start to work.

With these rewards you are on the road of becoming a successful event planner. But, for now, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the beautiful life of a student because it is not long and this period creates the most memories

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