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Trussing Safety: Insights from Our Site Visit to Systematic Inc. – Ashish Bahuguna, Student team.i

As part of our event management course, we recently had the opportunity to attend a highly informative and engaging site visit to Systematic Inc. on June 26th, June. This visit was centered around a masterclass on trussing safety, led by Mr. Vinod Bangera, the owner of Systematic Inc. The session, held at the Sheraton Convention Centre Whitefield, provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the technical and safety aspects of event setups, particularly focusing on trusses and lighting.

Overview of the Site Visit

Upon arrival at the Sheraton Convention Centre, we were greeted by the impressive sight of fully installed trusses. This initial observation set the tone for the session, highlighting the practical, hands-on nature of the masterclass. Mr. Bangera began by taking us on a tour of the venue, explaining each installed element in detail. We learned about the structural integrity of different types of trusses, the importance of load distribution, and the various safety protocols necessary to ensure the stability and safety of these structures.

In addition to trussing, the masterclass covered the various types of lights used in events, including sharpees, blinders, flashers, LED parcans, and spotlights. Mr. Bangera provided detailed explanations and demonstrations of how each type of light is used, their specific applications, and how they contribute to the overall ambiance and functionality of an event.

Overall Experience

The overall experience was incredibly enriching. Mr. Bangera’s expertise and passion for the subject were evident throughout the session. His ability to break down complex topics into understandable segments made the learning process engaging and accessible. The hands-on demonstrations and real-life examples were particularly effective in enhancing our understanding of trussing safety and lighting.

Learning about the different types of lights used in events and their specific applications added a new dimension to our knowledge. It underscored the importance of meticulous planning and execution in event management, not just from an aesthetic standpoint but also from a safety perspective.

Learning Objectives

The primary objectives of our visit to Systematic Inc. were to:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of trussing safety in event management.
  2. Learn about the different types of trusses and their specific uses.
  3. Understand the safety protocols and guidelines that need to be followed when setting up trusses.
  4. Observe practical demonstrations of truss installations and safety checks.
  5. Learn about the various types of lighting equipment used in events and their applications.

During the visit, we delved into specific aspects of trussing safety, including the structural integrity of different types of trusses, load distribution and weight limits, proper installation and dismantling techniques, safety checks, and maintenance of trussing equipment, and emergency protocols and risk management in the event of truss failure.

Key Insights

One of the most important things we learned was the necessity of regular maintenance and inspection of trussing equipment. Ensuring that trusses are in good condition and free from defects is crucial in preventing accidents. We also learned the importance of following manufacturer guidelines and safety standards, as these are designed to maximize the safety and functionality of the equipment.

Properly securing trusses to prevent accidents is another critical aspect we focused on. Understanding the variety of lighting equipment used in events and how each type serves a specific purpose was also eye-opening. For example, sharpees and spotlights are often used to highlight specific areas or create dramatic effects, while LED parcans and blinders can be used to wash large areas with light or create stunning visual effects.

Practical Demonstrations

The practical demonstrations were a highlight of the visit. We witnessed safety inspections and the identification of potential weak points in truss setups, which provided a tangible understanding of the theoretical concepts discussed. Emergency procedures in the event of a truss failure were also demonstrated, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for any eventuality.

We also observed demonstrations of different types of lights, including their specific uses in events. These demonstrations illustrated how different types of lights contribute to the overall ambiance and functionality of an event, enhancing our understanding of their practical applications.

Expert Interaction

Interacting with Mr. Vinod Bangera and his team was an invaluable part of the visit. Mr. Bangera shared valuable advice on trussing safety, including the importance of adhering to manufacturer specifications and safety guidelines, conducting thorough inspections before and after every event, investing in high-quality trussing equipment, and ensuring that all team members handling trusses are properly trained and aware of safety protocols.

These interactions reinforced the importance of continuous learning and vigilance in maintaining safety standards in event management. The insights gained from these professionals will undoubtedly be beneficial in our future endeavors.

Safety Protocols

During the visit, several safety protocols and guidelines were emphasized, including regular load testing and inspection of trusses, proper weight distribution, secure anchoring and fastening of trusses, and emergency response plans and quick evacuation procedures in case of truss failure. These protocols are designed to prevent structural failures due to overloading or improper installation, identify and address potential weak points before they become hazards, and ensure that all equipment is used within its designed capacity.

Understanding and implementing these safety protocols is essential in ensuring the safety and stability of trussing structures, ultimately contributing to the success and safety of events.

Real-world Applications

The knowledge gained during this visit is directly applicable to real-world event management scenarios. For instance, conducting detailed load calculations to ensure trusses are not overloaded, scheduling regular maintenance and inspections of trussing equipment, training team members on proper installation techniques and safety protocols, and developing and implementing emergency response plans tailored to specific event setups are all practical measures that can be taken to ensure safety and success.

Challenges and Solutions

During the session, we discussed several challenges related to trussing safety, including the difficulty of ensuring proper load distribution in complex setups, the risk of equipment failure due to wear and tear or improper maintenance, and the need for continuous training and awareness among staff to maintain safety standards. Solutions to these challenges include implementing a strict maintenance schedule for all equipment, conducting regular training sessions for staff, and having backup plans and redundant safety measures in place for critical setups.

Personal Reflections

The site visit to Systematic Inc. has significantly influenced our perspective on safety in event management. It has reinforced the idea that safety should be a top priority and that meticulous planning and execution are essential in preventing accidents and ensuring the smooth running of events. The hands-on demonstration of LED light mapping was particularly memorable, as it provided a real-time application of the principles we learned.

Suggestions for Improvement

To make future site visits more informative and engaging, we suggest including more interactive sessions where students can participate in practical activities. Providing case studies of past events to illustrate real-world applications of the concepts discussed would also be beneficial.

In terms of additional topics, we would like to explore advanced rigging techniques and their safety considerations, fire safety and emergency evacuation planning in event management, crowd management and safety measures for large-scale events, and the latest technological advancements in event safety equipment and their applications.


The site visit to Systematic Inc. was an invaluable learning experience that provided us with a deeper understanding of trussing safety and lighting in event management. The insights gained from this visit will undoubtedly be beneficial in our future endeavors, helping us to ensure the safety and success of the events we manage.

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