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Courses offered at team.i

MBA in Event Management

Certificate Program in Event Management & Activation (CPEMA)

Online Program in Event Management (OPEM)

Event Management Industry

The event management industry has seen a phenomenal growth rate in recent years with the transition from an unorganized freelancer venture to a highly competitive, professional, and lucrative sector with industry stalwarts today, predicting it to be an Rs. 10,000 crore industry by 2020. With rapid globalization, the influence of various cultures from around the world, and various advancements in technology, event management courses for occasions such as theme weddings, international concerts, fests, marathons and the like have gained recognition, a larger audience-base, multi-location concepts and are getting grander and more vibrant than ever. This growth has also created tremendous opportunities for talented professionals in the field.

Event Management Courses

Event Management courses at team.i are next-generation programs designed to take the industry by storm. Unlike other courses present today, at team.i we take our students through a rigorous regimen of classroom academics, mentoring programs, and a mix of eclectic real-time industry internships that make them stand apart from the herd. Moreover, with celebrity and guest faculty from renowned agencies such as Mudra, DNA, and Wizcraft along with internship opportunities at these organizations, our students get immense exposure and understanding of the nuances of the industry to efficiently develop, manage, and execute world-class events successfully.

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Program Delivery Model

Boot Camps

Intense weekend workshops mentored by industry experts from across the world and India.


Sessions delivered by subject matter experts handpicked from the events industry.


Student groups specifically assigned to mentors to enable them to seek guidance on matters of interest as required.


50% of the duration of the courses are dedicated to classroom sessions and the other 50% for practical sessions.

Live Industry Projects

Real-time industry internships that require students to submit reports based on their projects and learning experiences.

Experiential Learning

Leaving behind the conventional “I teach – you listen” methodology of teaching, team.i adopts an experiential learning model as part of its course delivery to facilitate dynamic learning and understanding. Students are encouraged to interact with their faculty and mentors to discuss various ideas, perspectives, and approaches enabling them to gain valuable insights. In addition, workshop-style sessions facilitate ‘first-hand’ learning through active application and participation initiatives.

Adding further value to this delivery model is the coursework which is methodically designed to focus on national and international case-studies and form an essential part of the classroom sessions. These case-studies open up discussion forums for students to analyze, interpret, and research deeply on crucial topics enabling them to perceive core-subject matter in a new light and comprehend the nuances of emerging international trends to develop their own unique style of management and leadership that is compatible and in-tune with the evolving business scenario.

Classroom Sessions

With state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant interiors, team.’ provides the perfect ambience and milieu for students to team, interact, and grow. Common classes bring together different personalities aspiring to excel in different fields creating an ‘Osmosis’ effect thus enabling students to get a well-rounded overview of the entire Media & Entertainment industry.
Every faculty who interacts with the students shares vital information that is based on real-time industry experience shedding light on the various practices and nuances of the sector. These insights received during the sessions are extremely valuable and hold high relevance as compared to regular ‘chalk & board’ sessions.

Industry Projects

We endorse 50% theory or classroom sessions and 50% industry projects. These real-time projects offer hands-on industry experience enabling students to understand and design marketing activities such as promotions, campaigns, and events for branding and PR. These internship experiences enable our students to network with industry stalwarts, explore various work profiles, and review diverse business and marketing aspects up-close while creating opportunities for placements in a variety of domains of their interest.

team.’ has received critical acclaim from the Media & Entertainment sector for our training practices that ensure our students stand apart from the crowd when it comes to talent and proficiency as they are equipped to professionally handle and address a variety of emerging industry challenges.

Networking at Team.i

With industry stalwarts, Subject Matter Experts and faculty coming from all over the country to train, guide and share experiences with students. Life at Team-i facilitates effective networking opportunities right from day one. Through their tenure, students get to interact and network with various professionals, student groups, alumni members, faculty, and industry experts allowing them to establish a robust network of contacts that will immensely aid them in their professional endeavours and enable them to “know and be known”.

Networking with Peers

team.i offers a vibrant peer group with students coming from all over the country to study at our institute facilitating a unique networking platform. This distinct forum attunes their attitude and mindset to conduct and perceive themselves and their peers as professionals from the very first day. This not only helps shape their character but as their program duly progresses, it facilitates a platform to network in synergy with multiple groups giving rise to a plethora of opportunities to learn while adding new dimensions to their persona.


Networking with Industry

Students’ various industry associations through internships and live projects open-up tremendous networking opportunities. These experiences not only allow them to get a firm grasp of the workings of the industry but also enable them to explore various work profiles and business environments while paving the way for future career prospects.

Networking at Fests

The Bizcom festival hosted by team.i every year is a platform where students get to showcase themselves as business communication professionals to their immediate peer group from other educational verticals. The interaction and campaigning, which are part of the event, go a long way in stimulating their enthusiasm and building their confidence levels.

Networking at Events

Along with the above, students also get to meet alumni members at the Freshers’ party and network with them to further their future career options.

About Us

team.i, The event management Institute is a premier Business School located in the heart of Bangalore.
team.i was founded to address the needs of one of the most trans-formative and rapidly developing sectors in the country and the world – Media and entertainment. We have become the pioneers and an authority for education in the field of non-traditional arts.

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