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What are some of the top Event Management Certification Courses?

Event Management, a career choice that today has gained an incredible audience, especially among the younger generations, has seen a large inquiry into its learning process. Many aspiring event professionals are looking for ways to certify their passion, to be qualified in the field and hone the right set of skills and knowledge in order to make a successful career as event professionals.
Today, with the transition to the online world, virtual event management has become the new trend setter, one that looks like it’s here to stay for good. The online mode of education has created in its wake a number of ways in which to make the most of the many benefits it has given rise to, some including better reach and accessibility, cost efficiency and more scope to network on a larger scale.
A certification in event management is the right first step to take, an advice almost every successful event professional is sure to give. Being the building block of what could lead up to be a complex and challenging role, a certification in event management will anchor a student, giving them the confidence, the knowledge and understanding of the industry that can help secure their place in this dynamic business environment.

Given the advanced technological era that we live in today, there is absolutely no shortage of resources that cater to acquiring a certification in event management. That was and never will be the problem. The problem however arises as a result of the vast number of options available, making it difficult and stressful for students to make the right choice. The influx of information, the options available and the diverse applicability of each course tends to throw the students into a funk, making them feel anxious, underprepared and the worst of all, making them question their decision in the first place.

It was with this in mind that the premier event management institution, team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute, Bangalore decided to design and structure three extremely robust and exciting event management courses in order to cater to the varying range of students who are interested in making a career in events. Some of the most sought after courses today, at team.i, students are given the opportunity to excel beyond the boundaries of a classroom. With internship opportunities and various industry-projects, students first-hand experience working in the real world of events very early into their program at team.i

Specialising in three main programs, these include:

1. The Certificate Program in Event Management: Certificate Program in Event Management at team.i is a next-generation program designed to take the industry by storm. Unlike other courses present today, at team.i we take our students through a rigorous regimen of classroom academics, mentoring programs, and a mix of eclectic real-time industry internships that make them stand apart from the herd. Moreover, with celebrity and guest faculty from renowned agencies such as Mudra, DNA, and Wizcraft along with internship opportunities at these organizations, our students get immense exposure and understanding of the nuances of the industry to efficiently develop, manage, and execute world-class events successfully.

2. The Event Career Kickstarter Program: The Online Certificate Course in Event Management, also popularly known as the ECK-Event Career Kick-starter Program will transform you into a complete Event Management Professional with expertise in all the aspects of the Event Industry. The ECK Program is a 4 month live online course that makes use of some of the best digital platforms to connect students with some of the greatest faculty in the field. On completion of the 4 month course, a 1 month internship program will be made available to the students ensuring that a strong foundation has been set and that they are ready to enter the world of events. Our students are also given several opportunities to intern at some of the biggest events in the country, from the IPL, Pro Kabaddi league to Big fat Indian weddings and music festivals.

An incredible initiative that is quickly becoming popular among not only event enthusiasts but individuals who are interested in specific topics with regard to the industry. These Event Boot Camps provide an incredible learning experience for our students and add value to their skill set and their understanding of the subject matter. The Online Certification Program not only provides you with a certification, adding value to your profile but also assists you in securing a responsible job opportunity in some of the biggest event companies in India and abroad.

3.The MBA Program in Event Management: team.i plus DNA Networks in collaboration with Kaziranga University, Assam brings you a robust industry driven Management of Business Administration (MBA) in Event Management. Study the first year in a picturesque lush green 50-acre campus at Kaziranga University in Jorhat, Assam. Get hands-on experience in the second year of the course at Bangalore, with team.i + DNA networks.

team.i is where it all started for many event professionals who are today extremely successful in their respective fields of event management. A chance to start your career the right way, team.i is here to help you turn that dream into a reality.

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