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What a career in event management entails

A career in event management goes beyond what is most often mistaken as merely the putting together of a wedding or birthday party. Looking back over the last two decades especially, a dynamic and aggressive growth model has emerged leading to the significant boom of the event industry worldwide. Right from the ideation process up till the execution of the event, a career in event management is inclusive of each of the crucial elements in the process.

The importance of doing an event management course

Why is it then that an education in event management carries any importance is a question most aspiring event planners find themselves contemplating. To answer this question, it is important to understand what it is that a course in event management has to offer in the first place.

By doing an event management course, a student is not only taught all there is to know about the industry but also given an opportunity to engage in team work, conceptualize, plan, take risks and give it their all, elements of professionalism that are extremely important to be incorporated into the very fabric of an event professional.

A course in event management does exactly this for anyone looking to make a career in events. It provides them with the platform, a means to start right, learn and exchange knowledge and ultimately putting into practice their understanding of the industry to create exceptional work.

Avenues of Event Management available today

It is safe to say that the concept of a hybrid model of event management is the biggest thing to happen in the event industry this past year and a half along with the advent of virtual events.

With the onset of the pandemic, the need to revisit and revise the traditional methods of event management is what took centre stage. From shifting the focus off on-ground events to offering clients an enhanced virtual experience, the avenues that it opened up for the industry has been truly significant.

Not to mention, the innovation and creativity it has brought about among the younger generation of event professionals, pushing the boundaries of what was once considered the most effective strategies of event management. 

The role of team.i in shaping the future of its students

team.i was among the first few event management institutions to implement the change in course structure and teaching methodologies since the shift to online teaching and learning came into effect.

Along with the shift came the need to prepare students for the significant changes that would now take place in the industry as a result of the pandemic. This involved creating opportunities through online internships, working on virtual events and learning more about the uses of various technological tools and applications going forward. 

Job Opportunities 

While the job descriptions of event professionals haven’t undergone a drastic shift, it is the means of getting the same work done that has changed. A few positions that most aspiring event professionals today find themselves pursuing include:
– Lead generation
– Content creation
– Project management
– Marketing and Sales
– Ideation and planning
– R&D

The Impact of Virtual events

Virtual events are here to stay and it is in keeping with this ideology that training future event specialists becomes increasingly important.

There is an influx of opportunities that the online world has to offer and the challenge lies in not only identifying these opportunities but being able to make the most of them.

Being an online event, the entire function of production and implementation is taken on a virtual platform and thus the need for better quality content, creatives and visual stimulation is of utmost importance.

Virtual events still have a long way to go in terms of its vast usages and what better time to explore these options than the present!

Monetary benefits

One of the most promising aspects if not the most important of any career is the monetary compensation one will receive post the completion of a course. Event management is a thriving industry and caters to a large number of entertainment needs both nationally and internationally.

By doing an event management course, a student secures for himself the weightage of the name of the institute using it as leverage to then start growing as a professional. The various industry projects completed during the course of the program will expose them to a large network of professionals giving them the opportunity to build their profiles and expand their reach.

Getting placed in some of the top event companies in the country comes with both a great responsibility as well as a handsome package.

With a 100% placement rate, team.i in collaboration with some of the most niche event management companies in the country work to place each student for the right position, helping him work towards achieving his professional goals.

Is there a career in Event management in India

India is a country that celebrates its diversity, cultural uniqueness and traditional approaches through its various events and celebrations. From big fat Indian weddings to versatile cultural forums, the event management industry in this country has left no stone unturned when it comes to creating unique and inspiring client experiences. 

Going forward, as we embark on the journey of rediscovering the roots of this extensive industry to cater to the changing times, the question of adapting and thriving under such circumstances is definitely a point of consideration. While there is still a lot of uncertainty that prevails, one thing event experts know for certain is that the event industry cannot be unhinged in the face of adversity. If anything, the community as a whole has only grown stronger and bigger during these unprecedented times and look forward to continuing their unanimous efforts going forward.

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