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Team.i’s influence in shaping careers beyond expectations

Fresh out of college, our next alumni began her journey with us back in 2005 where she was part of the 2nd batch of students to successfully complete her education at the institute. 

She then went on to work at Zeroin Management Pvt. Ltd. an event management company run by the CEO of team.i and the mastermind behind the TILS series, Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney. 

On the 20th of July we were joined by none other than Vachana Shetty, Planning Director at ‘Dentsu Aegis’ whose enthusiastic persona along with her dynamic nature and positive spirit makes working with her an incredible experience for everyone involved. Her marketing career spans over 14 years with almost equal amounts of time in agencies and brands

On the brand side she has managed brand marketing and innovation while on the agency side Vachana has built brands using ATL, BTL and Digital mediums. She has also spent time in a consulting firm where she led a couple of Brand Transformation exercises.

Getting to know Vachana Shetty

A generalist who has over the course of her career donned the hat of several event management roles from a marketing stint at Z Kannada, to working with the innovation team at Himalaya to being involved in brand planning at Dentsu, Vachana has done it all.

Telling us a little more about Brand Planning

Vachana tells us in detail what brand planning comprises, right from a company’s ambition to tap into a potential initiative by using strategies that revolve around  the brand and eventually working towards finding a solution for it. Market analysis, competition, and data that together will be used to meet certain business objectives is what brand planning she says consists of. 

Her journey at team.i

Through team.i, Vachana got the opportunity to land her first job in the space of events. She thoroughly loved the expense and truly believes that it set the tone for  how she has looked at her career ever since. Mr. Arvind, being her first boss, influenced her to a great extent, shaping her to be the event professional that she is today. She goes on to mention that the great thing about him is his ability to see something in you that you still haven’t seen for yourself and encourages you to pursue it. 

What it’s like being an event professional 

According to Vachana, to describe it in one word would be Intense as it requires you to work through the night, make presentations, and go the extra mile in order to succeed but she has all the while loved and enjoyed every moment of it. The stamina and energy required is something she believes she wouldn’t be able to do now, given the dynamic and demanding nature of the work.

Tips on being an event manager

“Whatever you do, take care of your stomach, your legs, and your back. Physically, emotionally and mentally if you are in a good place, you can thrive in an industry such as the event industry.”

How failure is an important part of event management

Vachana throws light on the element of failure that is an inevitable part of events and how there are days where things will be going smoothly and then a sudden mayhem can ensue. That is what makes the industry what it is, she believes, the rush and joy and the adrenaline rush that comes with it all makes it worth all the shortcomings.

Sharing a happy experience 

Sharing with us an exciting moment in her career, Vachana talks about one of the many events she was a part of for the brand, Bacardi. Hosted for the students of Manipal, she describes in detail the event and how it turned out to be a huge success. 

Her take on EMpulse

We are pleased to know that Vachana is just as excited as we are for EMpulse – the country’s first ever event management fest catering to budding event management, management and passionate entrepreneurs looking to launch a successful career in the space of events, to be conducted for the very first time in the form of a hybrid model. She is especially looking forward to witnessing the event, Life Is A Son Of A Pitch.

Talking about her passion for travel and treks

Vachana shares with us a fond memory of her solo trip to Australia where she explored the beautiful country for over a month, worked at a farm for 2 weeks and visited the small island of Tasmania where she enjoyed going on long drives and is keen to revisit and experience it all over again. 

She even shares with us an exciting memory from one of her trekking expeditions in Himachal Pradesh, which was a 13 day camping experience involving the crossing of frozen lakes and waking up at odd hours to experience the best view. A somewhat scary and thrilling experience, she looks back at it with fondness even today. 

Parting thoughts

“At every point in our lives, we are all seeking advice and the one thing I would like to pass on to the younger generation is to be passionate about what you are doing. If at any point you feel that you don’t have the passion, move on. If you choose to stay, then it demands hard work and commitment. It is important to be a student throughout as the world is changing and it is what keeps us going. Nurture the love to learn and go for it.”

Her experience being a student at team.i

Vachana ends the session by telling us a little about her time at team.i and how while she was initially a little hesitant given that she was new to the field, she reminisced on all her experiences, of how she overcame those fears with the help of all the people to support and cheer her on. The experience taught her a lot, and how to function as a well knit community.

Interested in Event Management as a career?

In case you missed it, watch this recording here and follow team.i on instagram for more such inspirational videos. 


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