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The TOP TWO Places In India To Kickstart Your Event Management Career

I have always felt that one of the most crucial questions that an event manager beginner should seek an answer for is, “Which place is best for my career growth in events?”

Ask me, it is Bangalore and Mumbai. Start from here, if you want to begin it right. These markets offer gold in the form of exposure and opportunities. You just need to know how to grab your limelight.

Arvind Jyot Sabhaney

CEO, team.i

??Disclaimer : I do not mean to show other cities in poor light, but the fact is, being an event manager all my life and running an event management school that has a track record of placing every single student who has ever passed out of my school, I know for a fact that cities you begin with play a major role in shaping your event management career. 

In this short post,  I intend to take you through my observations and experience around the positives of being in Bangalore and Mumbai for learning events.

Every city that offers a course in event management is great to learn the theory part. 


But the game-changer for your success will be your internship with established event management companies, your exposure to all genres of events first followed by the ones you want to specialize in and most importantly the insights you gather to make yourself future-ready in this industry.


If you evaluate each city in India as a potential runway for the event management career to take off, I think these two cities have the smoothest track.


Bangalore being the Silicon Valley of India and Mumbai the commercial capital and the ultimate entertainment hub of India share the biggest piece of the market pie between them.


Bangalore Highlight

I am generally biased in favor of Bangalore as a city most of the time. But this time I am not. For corporate events alone, we are sitting on a goldmine of opportunities in Bangalore.

There are more than 5000 companies with an employee count of 1000 employees. Their spend is say an average of crore per year- which makes the total event business only for corporate events worth 5000 crores!! And the best part is companies have allocated that kind of money to engage, entertain and educate their employees every year. I love this market share in Bangalore.

Mumbai Highlight

Our commercial capital of India, Aamchi Mumbai is a dynamic business hub with a buzzing social scene and an abundance of cultural attractions. You looking at the best city for spectacular events.

The city has a place for everyone. It is the entertainment center with Large Scale events, Biggest Brands and the glamour quotient that sets it apart for a budding event manager

What else do these cities offer to Event Management newbies if they choose to come and study here?

Education : For a formal start, there is nothing better than learning from an Event management school, where you get to know the nuances, get to see the bigger picture and get introduced to various verticals within the scope of event management. Certification courses cover all topics required to get you started in an event management company. 

Mumbai and Bangalore have all the top event management colleges for you to choose from.

Here’s a list from bangaloreeducation.com for your quick glance.


Here’s the list for event management schools in Mumbai from shiksha.com


Presence of Reputed Event Management Companies –  Event Management can drive you crazy, just because of the unpredictability factor associated with it. But still, there are event managers who have gone ahead to form companies to bring method to this madness.

Having an ecosystem of such well established event management companies who have formalized things, adapted refinement in processes, upgraded to new technology, really lowers the learning curve for students who observe their events. They tend to make that much less mistakes when they set out to do their own events.

For Bangalore I agree with this list mostly except that we could add a  few more names like Phase One Events and Experience and E Blitz Creations here.

Mumbai has these event management companies which rule the industry.

In fact team.i is powered by DNA networks for the event management studies and they extend every possible support to make sure that our students get the best practical experience to learn from all of their mega-events and Intellectual Properties. Besides this, we also work with other companies listed here for placements and trainings. 


I recently met an amazing app developer who had the most state-of-art product developed for the event managers. It could make our lives easier manyfolds! When I asked how the other markets are receiving it, he said, “ There is a huge potential for this to work here in Bangalore because it is much more future-ready for technology than other markets (thanks to the software companies here) The next market he would test it in was – Mumbai of course!

As a new event manager, when you work in these two cities, you would get started with the technology driven event planning and execution from the word go. This helps you future ready better than anywhere else.  

Personality Development – This is a big one and could be subject to argument as well.  But this is what I think, based on my personal experiences. I have seen students from every part of India come to  Bangalore and transform themselves into completely new personalities.

Mumbai because of its need to keep up to competition and Bangalore because of its South Indian Academic culture produce one of the smartest professionals in terms of acumen and communication skills as well. 

We have seen it time and again, in the corporate world your personality and confidence play the biggest role in breaking the ice and building relationships with clients. The cosmopolitan nature of the student life here ends up shaping your personality much better than a Delhi or Chennai.  

Living Conditions – Bangalore is the PG capital of India- thanks to the BPO Industry. You can get a decent co-live accommodation here for 5000 rupees per month. There are hostel facilities as well. Food is majorly South Indian, but you do have a cosmopolitan mix of eateries near most of the colleges and PG areas.

Even Mumbai offers decent student accomodation for that cost. Not to forget the garmagaram Vada Pav at every nook and corner for 10 rupees!

Saving the best for the last, and I rest my case 🙂

This year ( 2019)The Hindu Reports Bangalore shortly followed by Mumbai as the most preferred student city in India. ( click to read)


Leave your comments below about my observations. Do you agree? Would you like to add to it? Go for it!

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