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The Future Importance of Event Marketing Within Companies

As event marketing gains popularity in business, industries are faced with this new reality in the professional industry. Event marketing stands out as an essential communication tool.

Most business decision makers are aware of the opportunities to be seized with the creation of events like corporate events, some objectives need to be outline before starting a marketing campaign.

Since the event management industry is thriving and the demand is increasing which is a good thing for event businesses, therefore a marketing strategy is needed to help meet goals.

Event marketing educates and engages, as new connections are obtained. A major feature of event marketing is it targets large audiences such as exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events and many more. Let us discuss in detail, few benefits of it

What are the benefits of Event Marketing?

Customer Engagement

This is interaction of how customers feel and what they want from the business. Customer engagement is the big thing in digital marketing. Staying on top of business is necessary to keep customers focused on your brand. Constant communication with potential customers builds trust and hence increase market share.

Engaging with customers will create a connection between a business and the consumer which leads to customer loyalty. This makes people feel part of a brand, and they can easily relate to it. With a habit of engaging with customers, better services are provided and retaining customers become easier.

Understanding customer needs and wants enhance the brand and customer loyalty, discovering ways that encourage the customer to be involved in the business and differentiating brands through identifying competitors are some of advantages of engaging customers.

Build Awareness

Brand awareness is a recognition of a product by customers. Awareness helps in promoting or reviving a product or service. To create awareness a brand needs to look into some measures that will help in exposure such as, Defining the brand, defining the target audience, event theme and great content.

Brand awareness helps in;

Customer recognition: Customers are likely to transact from a familiar brand even though they do not know much about it.

Loyalty: Loyalty is a pattern where customers get committed to a particular brand or product and make repeat purchases. Brand loyalty is considered to keep the business alive. Factors that influence brand loyalty include product quality, brand image, and customer services.

A storytelling connects to audiences at a deeper level and makes the event memorable. The audience tends to relate to stories with real-life events where they are satisfied. This can be done by letting the employees or hired influencers tell their stories.

Lead generation

A lead is a person who shows interest in a product or service. All businesses need customers to grow and to get them, marketing campaigns are laid. The leads generated can be converted to sales. With advancing technology, there are numerous ways of converting leads to sales or even tracking of product demands.

Days have changed where potential customers relied on channels like newspaper for product information. Technology has brought many online platforms for advertising and marketing.

With people spending more than five hours a day online, making it a potential platform to gain customers. With a simple click on a webpage, customer information can be captured and the marketing department can try to generate a sale.

Boost sales

A well-planned event should be able to have successful lead sales and increase ROI. For a business to increase sales, some tips can be incorporated such as.

Discounted promotions: A discount may be given to an item or service offered only in the event taking place. This will encourage the interested customer to purchase at that time.

Free samples: Most people love free giveaways. This is one way of attracting customers to your event. There are different ways in which a company can roll out this campaign.

Competitions: This is a widely used method where a winner takes the price. A business can try to attach a sale with a competition so that sales can be generated.

New Audiences

Sponsoring or attending events is an effective way to gain more new connections to your business. The audiences can ask a one on one question where the events are held. In return, this creates trust as the audience has first-hand information or even able to try out the products and services offered.

Far from being a simple sales tool, events also allow you to actively communicate, both internally and externally. The event will unite and motivate your team and give them more confidence in the company and its future.

Externally, the event will offer an image of success to your business and attract new prospects

What are the channels for Event Marketing?


To be able to reach your audience, proper event planning needs to be incorporated. Latest innovations give different ways of marketing.

Social media

Social media is the widely used platform globally meaning a post shared can reach a lot of people within a short time. Social media has made even the smallest brands to be recognized globally. Having the right content will lead to increased visibility of your brand.

Depending on your audiences each type of social media will market differently. For twitter, it works well with hashtags that build excitements, while a platform like Facebook will target a specific engaged follower through paid promotions. Other platforms like LinkedIn use a professional B2B networking method to create events and use of Instagram stories and pictures to promote events.

Blogging is where business owners hire an influencer to carry a campaign on their social media platforms. The influencers have a large number of followers and can be able to generate leads. Furthermore blogging is becoming popular compared to word of mouth.

The advantage of  blogging is that it is easy to use and less expensive. Audiences like to gain trust from a recommended product or service, Blogging helps in connecting with the audiences as they give feedback.

The company can be able to analyze feedback as well as learn how to improve their services or products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An SEO method is where a business website is ranked on the pages of the search engine such as Google. To be ranked on the first page of the search results, three principles need to be observed.

Keyword: They are terms added to improve ranking results. The words and phrases used to describe the type of business and make it easier for leads to be generated faster.

Domain: It is a suitable way of directing customers to a specific spot on the internet. A domain name helps in marketing your business therefore it should be based on your brand or keyword chosen. Mobile search: With the mobile web growing faster than desktop-based web, a business should always be ahead of the game.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be used to build relationships between businesses or businesses and customers. There are different ways on how an email can be used as a channel of event marketing. A good event planning which incorporates an email can be effective with fewer budgets. For a proper email campaign, it should consist of: A short and catchy subject that creates attention in the busy inboxes.

The content should be personalized and avoid the normal boring format. With visuals, it helps the audience to understand and relate. The email campaign should be designed to use all devices such as mobile. This will give the audience the option of opening the email even when not near a desktop.

A call to action button can be incorporated into the email which will help in the generation of leads to the business.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound refers to marketing by reaching out to the audience through the traditional way such as calling and telemarketing. The goal of outbound is to gain lead generation where they are followed up by an internal sales representative.

Most people tend to have their gadgets with them always even when watching TV which makes viewers to search for more details with their smartphones as an advert runs across. This generates traffic to the site.

Outbound marketing can also be used to create awareness of a product or service before a campaign is rolled out. In turn, it increases trust and credibility to the business.

In conclusion

Event Marketing is a strong but often overlooked acquisition channel. Organizing a business event for customers will allow you to meet them face to face. By meeting them in person, you can more easily convince, answer their questions and dissolve their doubts.

It’s the perfect opportunity to generate highly qualified leads in a very short time, as well as business opportunities.

Do not underestimate the importance of email campaigns, talk to your customers, mention your participation in the signature of your emails, share information on social media, and specify the date of the event on the calendar of your website,

While the event is taking place, be vigilant! It is important that you track down the hashtags related to the event.

At the end do not hesitate to come back to the event on social media and on your blog to share the experience.

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