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team.i Shaped Varun Warrier Career In Sports Industry

A truly insightful and thought-provoking discussion with members of the alumni of the institute.An absolute delight to host Varun Warrier, PR and Sports Events where we enjoyed every second of having him share his stories and experiences over the course of his exceptional career.

Varun Warrier joined the Institute at a very young age, Probably 16 and he started his event management career as a filler because back then he was focusing more on his cricketing career.But eventually the Institute shaped up his career in Event Industry and now he is in PR and Sports Events.He is a Sports enthusiast and he is very delighted to make his career in Sports Industry.He has worked with ChennaiSuperKings Association, Baichung Bhutia Football School, Manchester United Cafe, Bookmyshow and many more.

Can you tell us about your experience in the Event Industry?

“ I have 8 years of experience in PR, Sports events but I believe my journey started a bit earlier than that. When I actually joined the Institute back in 2006, I was the youngest among them all, probably 16.The reason I joined it was because I was taking a break from my regular courses and I wanted to do something alongside my cricketing career that’s something I was honestly focusing back then.So, this was more of a filler, but I didn’t know that things would actually shape up and would be a turning point.”

What is your take on Year 2022?

“It’s been an absolutely one and a half tough year. I look forward to a lot of Optimism and hope in the times to come. But we also need to understand  and look at the high side that there are a lot many people who have actually made a career out of 2020 as well. In the millennial  world they  might be called as “Influencers” but Social media has got a boom. Again some have also gone against Social Media, and some have lived it with it. But for me 2022 will be a lot of Social Media activities going forward and the times will get better for everyone.”

How did the Institute help you mould your career?

“It’s been a great Journey. The Institute has taught me how to go about things, when the times get tougher because as you know, events are a very very harsh kind of situation. It’s always in the paddle, So you have to make sure because everyone is an individual down the line and It is very important that you stay focused ,calm and go about with your doings as well. The Institute actually taught us how to stay grounded at the same time to make sure that your focus doesn’t get tampered at any point of time. It’s pretty important that you continue working and give your best.”

What do you think of the upcoming college fest Event (EMpulse) ?

“ It’s a great event. Firstly, I’m a strong believer that the event has to start rolling. So, we need to get back to normal, to be able to attend live concerts  and events is something we all aspire going forward.

This event is a great virtue that all the information I have read and heard about, It’s pretty  interesting. Most Importantly the students of schools and colleges are going to participate. This part of an individual is pretty crucial in terms of how they want to mould themselves. It is certainly worth giving it a try rather than sitting ideally at home. Even if you got to know it’s not for you, you are still learning from it. I believe and  hope that the event is a great success for you guys and the event industry all together.”

Any Piece of Advice for the Students of team.i

“Attention lies in every detail possible. You will make mistakes that are part of  life and it will continue but maybe learning from that is one of the aspects. You sometimes make the  mistakes once again, but the duration between the mistakes has to be longer for you to stand out among the others.”

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