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team.i holds premier position in education industry during covid-19 times – Press Releases

Release by fnbnews.com

The year 2020 saw ‘normalcy’ as we once knew it to take a complete round about, leaving us to recoup and start all over again. The education sector suffered majorly as well, with the transition to online learning and a lack of clarity about what is to come. In all this, team.i, the premier event management institution in the country was able to not only continue providing students with quality education but in a manner that most suited the current times.

While the pandemic might have thrown us a curveball, team.i continued to do what it does best – Creating event professionals of the future. Albeit a challenging task, they were one of the first to take the lead with virtual events and provided opportunities to enable students to explore this new avenue in great depth. With a strong vision in place and under the leadership of the exemplary Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, team.i continues to serve the benefit of the event industry at large.

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Press Release by MENAFN

It is in great adversity that the true strength of any organization is known. A saying that strongly resonates with the work that team.i has done, is doing and given the rate at which it is growing, will only continue to do. The pandemic as we all know, put a stop to traditional classroom learning. With the transition to an online platform, especially for an industry such as the event and entertainment sector, it proved to be quite a challenge.

However, team.i saw in this challenge an opportunity for change and took it upon themselves to go the extra mile. By incorporating the knowledge and skill set required in the current market scenario, team.i did not hinder in working towards their vision – Creating event professionals of the future. A strong understanding of the industry and its future prospects propelled by the guidance of their CEO, Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, team.i is today one of the top event institutions in the country.


Press Release by ForPressRelease.com

Change is inevitable as we all have come to understand and experience first-hand over the last year. It is in adapting and growing with the changing times that we as a society continue to thrive. When it comes to the educational sector, team.i, the premier event management institute in the country advocated one of the most advanced learning methodologies during the pandemic.

Known for their 100% commitment to teaching, mentoring and creating an able community of aspiring event professionals, team.i was one of the first institutions to transition to an online mode of education during the pandemic. Creating opportunities and revising the curriculum, under the guidance of the charismatic Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, at team.i, the students were taught to turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth and progress.

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Press Release by lifecarenews.in

Learning is a never ending and ever fulfilling part of life that is not hindered even in the face of something as challenging as a global pandemic. COVID-19 has affected both individuals and industries alike, forcing us to re-invent, re-learn and re-structure. Take the education sector for instance, moving from a traditional classroom learning environment to an online, virtual platform was no easy feat but not an impossible one.

team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute, the premier event management institution in the country became one of the first educational institutions to begin teaching through an online mode. Challenging as it may have been, given the nature of the industry, team.i went above and beyond to make sure its students were well informed about the changing times and its impact on the industry. Under the able guidance of Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, this institute has reached great heights over the years and continues to keep up their great work.

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Press Release by easyshiksha.com

As the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc the world over, students are suffering a great deal with having had their entire academic year shift so suddenly and dynamically. To begin again is not easy, especially in the face of a pandemic, but one that is crucial in order to ensure the continuity of the system. Through all this, team.i has been inspirational in making sure this transition happened in an almost seamless manner.

By incorporating the usage of online learning platforms almost immediately, team.i has remained one step ahead of most other institutions of its kind. Learning to adapt is one of the biggest learnings about the industry and team.i through their apt and noteworthy initiatives have been instrumental in providing their students with this learning experience. The collaborative efforts of Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney and the team at team.i has truly been monumental in the success of this incredible feat.

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