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team.i Helped Sreenivas To Land On A 7.5L Job Package

Not often do we come across those whose clarity and passion for what they do is so palpable that you can’t help but enjoy hearing them share their experiences. On the 26th of September, 2021, we at team.i were joined by one such budding event professional who has come a long way since his initial days as an event enthusiast looking to make a career in the industry.

Sreenivas Ramaswamy comes from a humble background, having completed his education from Parikrama, an NGO that played a major role in shaping him to be the person that he is today. He then went on to do his Bachelors in Computer Science with a dream of wanting to become an entrepreneur. Having always been interested in the field of event management, he along with a few friends went on to put together an event management start-up and catered to around 25 small scale events for close to one and a half years.

Through Parikrama, Sreenivas was given the opportunity to work with some big clients and is grateful for all the support that he received. His early entry into the industry gave him the chance to interact with event management experts and it was on one such occasion when he was advised that in order to grow in the industry, it was important that he worked in event management companies that gave him the much needed exposure and learning opportunities.  

Sreenivas then went on to work for Shree Events And Ventures as an intern and learned a lot about production and fabrication and not very long after was offered a position as a permanent employee. Sreenivas has also worked with Weddings.in, where he oversaw close to 21 large scale weddings with huge sales turnovers. 

With the onset of Covid, financial constraints forced him to move out of the industry and he began work with an emerging construction start-up. While it added to his experience, it was not something he enjoyed as he had his heart fixed on pursuing events. He began to understand that the industry had changed a great deal and spent his free time researching and figuring out how he could get back into the game. This was when he came across team.i and began his journey as one of the most promising event professionals out there today. 

Why team.i?

Sreenivas believes that it is important where and whom you learn from and to learn valuable knowledge that will instill confidence in you, to not regret the decisions you make going forward in your career. Learning from those who come with experience and with the ability to take on the future unfaltered, is according to him, the right kind of mentorship. With having to balance work and source his education at the same time, it was important to him that the course he chose allowed him this flexibility. As someone who has always wanted to be associated with DNA Networks, team.i ticked off all the right boxes and proved to be worth a great deal more to Sreenivas than he imagined.

What are the courses at team.i ?

Sreenivas was impressed with the fact that team.i catered to different event management students with different educational requirements. Having done the 4 month ECK – Event Career Kick-starter Program himself, he goes on to tell us that while the initial few weeks were slightly overwhelming, the overall learning experience was beyond his expectations. While it may have been challenging, it went a long way in helping him understand how to think like an event manager. 

Course USP

As someone who is no newbie to the event industry, this course taught him how he could have done his past events better and made use of certain approaches that would have helped him a great deal. 

Why event management?

“A challenging career that does not guarantee success and demands a lot of learning and upskilling, including dealing with client requests and concerns and taking care of events that mean a lot to clients, the pressure is always there and for me ultimately it came down to identifying where I would like to enjoy the pressure and it was undoubtedly, the event industry.”

How did team.i help you in Placement?

One of Sreenivas’ biggest concerns was what his remuneration would look like, now that he was entering the industry after a break. While his fears may seem relevant, it was something that he needn’t have worried about seeing as how he now enjoys a handsome package of close to 7.5 lakhs per annum working at one of the top virtual and hybrid event platforms in the country, Sarcon Technology.

While the monetary compensation is extremely important to him, so was his persistence to be able to grow and contribute towards the industry in the long run. His time at Sarcon Technology has helped him gain a vast range of knowledge about events and other interpersonal skills such as being a good negotiator and an effective spokesperson among others. His current role requires him to handle customer success and account management as well as sales all the while working with companies from different geographies.

Today, Sreenivas is no longer worried about the future anymore as he believes that working in an industry such as this has prepared him to gauge the future, giving him the confidence to learn as he goes and build on his capabilities. He is confident in his abilities and is excited to see what the coming few years hold for him.

Any Piece of Advice for the Students of team.i

“If you’re passionate about events, consider investing in event management education seriously and make use of opportunities provided by institutions such as team.i, which has been the best choice for me, and has ensured I receive the best opportunities to take my career forward.”

In case you missed it, Watch this recording here.

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