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Stay Home, Stay Fit

‘Consistency’ and ‘Commitment’– the key to staying fit and healthy is what Ms. Wanitha Ashok strongly believes in and is what has led her to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

With the COVID 19 forcing us to stay indoors, it is not uncommon that the feeling of lethargy and boredom has curbed the will in many of us to exercise.

While we all know the repercussions of neglecting our health, how many of us work on staying fit?

To help us get back on track and guide us on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle we bring to you the 6th edition of the team.i event edu series.

The session was conducted by Ms Wanitha Ashok, who did a fantastic job explaining in detail the food choices we need to make, the kind of exercises we should be doing and other tips and suggestions to lead us towards a more conscious way of living.

Ms. Wanitha stressed on maintaining a strong Cardio respiratory and Immune system especially with the virus in town.

Consuming foods with ginger and pepper in it will help to build better resistance towards common cold and fever while working on building our immunity as well.

She compared the change in times and how in the olden days, people spent a majority of their time either working outdoors or staying active.

With the fast paced world we now live in, we spend most of our time in front of the screen or sitting down.

This can cause a list of back and knee problems which can become severe if not treated at the time. Staying fit does not require you to spend hours in the gym.

In fact, overworking ourselves using gym equipment can cause more harm to our bodies.

Ms. Wanitha made use of simple examples and everyday situations to put across very important health facts that we very often tend to overlook.

The working of the heart for instance and how we need to be mindful about taking good care of it.

Another popular yet false belief is that you can trick your body into spot reduction, which refers to focusing on reducing weight on only a specific part of the body. 

She helped us understand that our bone structures cannot be changed and we must accept our bodies for what they are.

Our motive to exercise, should be to stay healthy and strong and not for the sake of making a fashion statement.

She also covered topics related to certain myths about fitness and health. For instance, the misplaced belief that the more one sweats while working out, the more weight he/she loses.

Drinking sufficient water and staying hydrated at all times keeps our sytem functioning well and prevents ailments that come from dehydration.

She also discussed the 6 essential nutrients and the right proportion of each food component that should be consumed at each meal.

Ms. Wanitha did an excellent job in listing out food options for each meal of the day that caters to all kinds of diets.

She then went on to discuss the ideal time one needs to spend on exercising and the type of workouts that need to be done.

The session was highly interactive and we were even shown a few exercises that can be done at our desks while working.

Her approach towards the entire session was very detailed and practical giving us lots of advice and tips throughout.

Ms. Wanitha made us look at exercise and eating right as an investment that we make on ourselves to improve our quality of life and to reduce our chances of acquiring life threatening diseases. 

Sleeping well, reducing our stress levels and having an overall conscious mindset towards how we live our lives is what she concluded her session with.

We then went on to have a questionnaire round where our attendees took the liberty to voice their concerns regarding issues with their fitness regime and their health.

It is without a doubt that by the end of this pertinent session, we all were left feeling truly inspired by the perception that Ms. Wanitha has towards a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle.


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