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RCB Unbox Event Experience Shared By Upcoming Event Planner – Rashmitha Ravi

“14 IPL Sessions, 8 teams with a few more added this year, one trophy, lots of entertainment, and bucketloads of the cheering spectacle.” 

When it comes to the IPL, witnessing your home team in action is an unparalleled experience to say the least, not just in honor of the title but in terms of the overall spirited environment that it creates.

And as a token of appreciation, the RCB management decided to announce the team’s new captain and reveal the new jersey amongst its loyal fans on the 12th of March at 12PM on one of the most frequented streets in the heart of Bangalore. 

The streets of MG Road, Church Street were filled with supporters of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, flocking in, in large numbers, all sharing a common feeling of excitement and curiosity for the big reveal.

So, what was I doing there?

Knock knock! Upcoming event planner here

To experience an event of this nature and magnitude is always something beyond what we imagine it to be and all the classes, tips, past experiences and preconceived notions will definitely come handy during such events (Make note, upcoming event enthusiasts).

As part of my learning experience at team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute, I was given an opportunity to manage the large gathering as well as the artists performing at the staged set-up a few meters away from the main area where the very famous Baadal Nangundaswmay and his team were wowing the audience with their incredible artistic abilities, creating beautiful graffiti of some of the team’s top players.

During the course of the event, we got to witness some incredibly versatile collections of music performances by well-known artists such as Shalini Mohan, Kannada Rapper, Chandan Shetty, local DJ’s, Rappers, Beatboxers, RJ’s, and Influencers who were all present to add to the grand spectacle that the event was, the much awaited capping of the new captain. 

Last but not the least, getting to see your favorite cricketers in person, interacting and listening to them first hand was irrevocably the icing on the cake.

The entire event was planned to take place in and around the classiest and most talked about café in the area, The RCB Bar and Café. Right from production to artist management, DNA Entertainment Networks Private Ltd., was responsible for putting together the event.

Some of my favorite memories of the event have to be hearing Danish Sait compering to the cheers of a thousand RCB fans, Chandan Shetty’s Live performance, even though I couldn’t see him, hearing him was wonderful enough.

The adventure of navigating my way through the crowd and the console set up, unexpected meetings with friends, family and influencers I look upto and most importantly, cheering for “The Team” that I have been supporting from the time I was a 10 year old.


Above all, being a part of team.i and being given the opportunity to organize an event of this scale for my home team is a memory I will forever cherish.” – As said by Rashmitha Ravi

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