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The Institute Gave Me A Stepping Stone To Go To England

A series of interactive, inspiring and influential sessions with members of the alumni of the institute, here is a glimpse into what was discussed on the 29th of July where we were joined by one such alumni who is much loved and looked upto among several of his peers in the industry today, S.Raman Iyer, Proprietor of Saxman Events, Musician and Interventionist.

Raman Iyer is a great musician,has been in the event industry for 20years, organised 3000-4000 events,he has done Event management course from team.i, MSc in events management and conference from UK, MSc in Counselling and psychotherapy and now he runs an event company Tara events and conferences.

Can you tell us memorable events that you have been part of ?

“In 2003, It was a 3 day gigantic event, it included 180 stacks of speakers, 140 television screens and about 9L attendants on the last day. It was an unbelievable experience and I was so overwhelmed.  I took part in both music and event organization, I was in charge of traffic control which at that time was a great issue.”

What are your thoughts about events in the year 2021?

Everything is emerging, there is no going back to normal days, rather it will be a new change. One of the biggest challenges is that we have invested a lot of money and time in our training, gaining experiences,  so how would we monetize all these in the coming days?

The key is that our knowledge should be monetized because this is known as expertise, we should utilize the knowledge that we have studied to make things better. Secondly, Innovation is very important in today’s era.”

How difficult was it to adopt the new virtual platform/new technology?

Yay, it is difficult, if I want to do things on my way, But today we have to remain teachable, adoptable so that we can learn, how to attract audience, how to monetize, how to put out content because the content you use in live may not work here virtually.”

What do you think of the upcoming college fest Event (EMpulse)?

It’s a great initiative, providing you have the core team, who are calling the shots. The content is very important, it should be dynamic so that the audience gets glued to the screen and should enjoy the experience. You need to work on the proper copyrights and add valuable educational content in it.”

 How did the Institute help you mould your career?

In 2003, Raman used to play music in birthday parties, than he met Arvind Jyot Sabhaney He came to know about team.i and enrolled himself for the course. After completing the course it gave him a stepping stone to go to England, and he is really thankful about it.

Any Advice for the upcoming Event Managers ?

Event Management is a service sector, you have to remember that your primary motive is to provide service, the people who want service and basically satisfying needs called entertainment, giving social platform or showcase talent.

In Event Management you can’t reverse things, you have to give attention to every detail and have to create a nearly perfect service for the people.”

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