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Hello, I’m Khushi, and I’m a student at Team.i, an event management institute in the vibrant city of Bengaluru. I recently had the opportunity to complete an internship for an event hosted by the Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), an experience that was nothing short of enlightening. The event, a Members Meet, had a fascinating agenda: “Making Karnataka a Wedding Destination.” Here, I’ll share my personal perspective on my internship journey, the wisdom I gleaned from Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, the significance of the event industry, the enriching words of panellists like Samit Garg and Roshan Abbas, and the captivating performances that ended the night.

As a student intern, I was eager to get a taste of the real event management world. My role was centered around guest logistics and artist management, and it wasn’t long before I realized that this was more than just arranging transportation and accommodations. It meant creating an experience that would leave a lasting impression on our guests. From ensuring their comfort to being flexible and responsive to the unexpected, I learned the art of attention to detail and quick thinking. 

Working under the leadership of Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney was a privilege. His dual role as the director of team.i and the president of KEMA made his insights particularly enriching. Mr. Arvind’s advice emphasized the need for innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving event management landscape. He also underscored the importance of networking and building strong relationships in the industry. I realized that learning from seasoned professionals like him is invaluable.

This internship was not just about honing my event management skills; it was also about personal growth. I discovered the significance of flexibility and quick problem-solving, qualities that will serve me well in this dynamic industry. My communication and organizational skills were put to the test and have significantly improved. 

Through my internship, I learned that the event industry is about more than just organizing events. It’s about creating experiences that people cherish. It’s about bringing people together, fostering connections, and celebrating moments that matter. The event industry is the heartbeat of memorable gatherings, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping the cultural and social fabric of society. 

During the members meet, I had the opportunity to hear from two remarkable panellists : Samit Garg and Roshan Abbas. They shared their insights on the growing event industry, emphasizing on creativity and innovation. Their perspectives were truly inspiring, and I could not help but admire their passion and dedication towards this fraternity.

The event would not have been complete without the mesmerizing performances by the Lagori band, Mahesh Raghavan and more. 

 In conclusion, my internship with KEMA was not just about executing tasks; it was a profound learning experience that left me with several key takeaways. I gained hands-on experience which is a critical aspect. Apart from my role in guest logistics, I also took on several generalized tasks that allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of event management. These tasks included learning about registration and ticketing, venue recce, production and a lot more. This versatility allowed me to witness the event from different angles and appreciate the intricacies involved. I’ve grown both professionally and personally. 

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