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Must Have Apps For Successful Event Planning

With every passing day, the innovation that drives advancements in technology has resulted in the creation of several software applications and other digital platforms that has made the fulfillment of certain tasks significantly easier.

As an event planner, the series of event processes that need to be completed can be quite daunting, especially if we’re talking about large scale global events, big fat Indian weddings and the like.

 From making long lists, promoting the event, establishing a good communication channel and creating marketing and branding content, the tools and applications available today, goes a long way in aiding event planners pull off successful events.

Through the means of this blog post, we aim to throw light on some of the most widely used applications for successful event planning.


Available in over 21 languages, Trello is a web-based list making application that helps event organizers manage any type of event project, workflow or task tracking.


An American event management and ticketing website, Eventbrite enables its users to create and promote events at a price. From planning musical concerts to road rallies and automobile events, Eventbrite is every event planner’s one stop solution for it all.


With an incredible user friendly interface, this instant messaging program has become especially popular over the past year. Designed by Slack Technologies, Slack was initially developed for professional and organizational communications but is today being used as a community platform as well. From creating dedicated work spaces, called channels for collaboration to allowing for quick and easy communication, Slack is being used by event planners the world over.

Google Drive

Planning an event means creating multiple folders, excel sheets, word documents and presentations that need to be easily accessible. Google Drive is just the solution for an event planner’s file storage and synchronization services.


If there is one thing common with any event, it’s the numerous meetings that take place over the course of the event planning process. Zoom is event planner’s go-to-solution for all their video conferencing needs.


An up and coming social media management tool, this application allows event planners to create, schedule, publish and manage content and advertising campaigns across social networks from a single dashboard.

While these are just a handful of the many applications used to influence successful event planning, there are many others that make the job of event planning a smooth sailing process.

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