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MCing in Weddings by Ada Khan

A topic not very often discussed when it comes to the wedding sector is that of Wedding MCing. To bring it to the forefront and understand the vast opportunities it offers aspiring wedding professionals today, we at team.i recently conducted an interactive Insta Live with none other than the incredible Ada Khan, one of the most well respected professionals in the media and entertainment industry, an adored anchor and actor who has well earned her position in the category of formal event anchoring be it for corporates, PSUs, media launches, concerts, IPL after parties or Weddings.

She is the founder of Cords&Chakras – A meditations and Healing therapies company that conducts courses and groups in India and abroad. A well known face on the silver screen, you may recall seeing her on television channels like Colors, Starplus, Sony Tv, Sab Tv and Zee Tv. Recently she was seen in the Bebakee web series on AltBalaji.

In conversation with Manasa Kumar, Managing Partner at Center Stage Events, she is a strong believer in “Creating an experience not just an event.” Over the course of the conversation, a few topics that were discussed included-

How are wedding shows different from corporate events? 

Ada discussed in depth the vast differences that exist between the two types of events and the specialization that each requires one to possess in order to carry it out successfully. From citing real-life examples to advising and motivating budding event professionals, Ada went the extra mile to ensure that the discussion proved to be a fruitful experience for everyone involved.

What are the plus points of a successful wedding show as an emcee?

Ada is of the opinion that the benefits of putting together a successful wedding as an emcee are several and will only continue to grow with experience. Bringing in the element of entertainment and inclusiveness, the role of an emcee at a wedding event is crucial. Their energy is what sets the tone of the event and strongly influences those present as part of the event.

The importance of choosing the right costume

Another element of wedding MCing that is most often overlooked is that of choosing the right costume while MCing for a wedding party. Ada threw light on the importance of choosing the right costume when it comes to weddings. Her experiences have taught her the influence of the first impression and the impact that dressing appropriately has on the entire wedding function.

Emotional quotient in a wedding show

From understanding and influencing the energy and tone of the wedding itself, the emotional quotient is another huge factor that wedding MC’s need to pay attention to.

Her first wedding show Phew!

Today with the vast repertoire that she holds, Ada reminisces on the initial days and putting together her first wedding. Filled with light moments and great learning experiences, she managed to draw a story that felt very real for everyone listening to the live discussion.

The year of the pandemic

Like every event professional, the pandemic affected her work front significantly given the nature of her work especially. However, being the ever positive and jovial person that is Ada Khan, she chooses to see the light at the end of the tunnel and looks forward to exploring the wide range of opportunities the pandemic has opened to the world of events.

It was an incredible experience having Ada join us, share with us her story and provide insightful and meaningful advice to every aspiring wedding mc out there. In case you missed being a part of the live session, you can visit our Instagram page to check out the recording.

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