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Interview with Mahesh Danannaver, Indian Film producer

A wonderful session with Mahesh Danannavar who is an Indian Film producer well known for his cinematic work in various languages. He is also a founder of MD Media Corp. a Mumbai-based production house, which is also well known for producing entertaining films for multiple languages. “Shu Thayu?!” is the Gujarati movie produced by Mahesh Danannavar, which went on to create box-office history.

Having secured a certification at the team.i, Mahesh then went on to do his MBA from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. Today, he is also the owner of the “Bengaluru Warriors” team in the “Box Cricket League (BCL)” and “Bengaluru Warriors” entered semi-finals in BCL season 4 which was telecasted in MTV and Alt Balaji.

What motivated you to join the Event industry and Film industry?

Mahesh Danannavar was always someone who loved Bollywood movies and has always been a huge fan of the cinema. In his childhood, he always used to read magazines about cinema about screenplays. His passion and fascination for movies started in his childhood, so from there on he wanted to do something in the industry but never knew had the idea. 

What motivated you to join the Institute and how has it shaped you?

While he was in college pursuing his BBM degree, he was never into books or academics. He always had a passion for films in general so he joined the institute and took it as a part-time course at that moment. He used to attend classes in the evening from Monday to Friday. Mahesh learned a lot when he joined the institute and surely had a great in the institute. He surely says it was his best decision to join the institute. 

What were his reminiscing experiences in this institute?

In this institute, Mahesh has made lifelong friends in the process of this course. He says in our college life we don’t get that much exposure, but in this institute, he got exposed to a lot of new things and learned a lot. His first event was a Golf event from the institute and after that, we got exposure to other events as well. He learned a lot from Arvind sir and also speaks highly of him.

What was that one situation in the institute that he couldn’t forget ? 

Mahesh mentioned how he learned from Arvind sir. He is always curious whether Arvind sir is serious or he is joking about something. He never fails to mention that this institute has taught him so much and how Arvind sir has played an important role in this institute. 

What does 2022 look like for events?

Mahesh says events are a very small part because his main focus has always been movies, but events are going to bounce back. The reason being is that the rules and regulations are being followed and now suddenly domestic tourism has increased because international tourism hasn’t taken place. He feels 2022 is going to be a bigger and better year for everyone. 

What is your next project?

Mahesh is already working on “Gandhi and Co” which is going to be launched in 2022. His next shoot is going to start between January and March which will be shot in Uttarakhand and it is a boxing backdrop film in an army school setup and is still in the production stage because our uncertain conditions in our country are so unpredictable. One of his songs is also getting recorded in Delhi and his fall will be happening in a Bombay museum and then eventually by January he says it should be really by then.

What are your thoughts on EMpulse?

When I was in the institute we didn’t have Impulse as an event. I would love to be a part of such an event if I happen to be in Bangalore. This is a great event idea. It’s a great exposure for networking and making new friends. There would be so many lined up speakers and different colleges that would take part in this event so it’s going to be a great learning and a new experience altogether. 

Mahesh would love to be a part of the panelist , inspite of being a shy person in front of the camera, it wouldn’t stop him from being  a part of EMpulse. 

What would be your piece of advice to the students?

Joining this institute is great learning altogether and Arvind sir is a great teacher and apart from that this institute is not the typical academic teaching the ideology of this institute is very different and because of this institution, this was his gateway to get exposure to the outside world. Make friends, grab the coming opportunities and just live your moment. 

In case you missed it, Watch this recording here.

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