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A Journey of a Homemaker to an Event Planner with team.i

Team.i Insta Live Series (TILS) is one such interactive and inspiring bunch of sessions with members of the alumni of team.i.  Here is a glimpse of what was discussed on the 27th of July where we were joined by one such alumni who’s mantra in life consists of 3 P’s being Passion, Perseverance and Patience. Introducing Kajol Bhatia, Founder Director at Kashika Events
Deciding to live her childhood passion, Kajol Bhatia transformed from a homemaker to a Model, Fashion designer, Grooming consultant and a terrific Event Planner with her determination and hardwork. She started off by getting married at a very tender age and now she soars the skies while she mentions that family support has never been a problem for her as she found that in abundance in her loving family.

Her passion for event planning was revealed when she organised small theme based events for family and friends after her marriage. She always had an interest towards creating curated looks for weddings as she herself makes a statement through her clothes.

The moment when she decided to pursue event management –

Age has no bar, says Kajol as she herself got the fire in her to pursue what she always wanted to at a very later stage of her life. She shared a story with us which was on how she was pushed to live her dream. She once organized an antakshari theme kitty party for about 25/30 people taking inspiration from the well known show Sa Re Ga Ma and tried to create a setting like that. Very successfully she was able to get an old friend of hers to play the saxophone with his team. He was very impressed with the whole set up and how it was coordinated with perfection which made him get Kajol in contact with Arvind Jyot Sabhaney the CEO of team.i. 

How did team.i influence her career in event management ?

Every field has its own learning platforms, says Kajol. Creativity, Innovation, Out of the box thinking, Exploring your own capabilities along with determination is something she strongly believes in.

Being a travel lover, she got opportunities to travel places, try out different cuisines, meet celebrities and knowledgeable people at team.i . People management is one such skill which is an integral part of event planning along with networking which was instilled in her at team.i. She got a better picture of how to conduct herself and self groom through her various experiences which always come handy at  some or the other point in life. She says “ team.i gave me confidence to explore new dimensions”.

Kashika Events –

After winning the title of Mrs. Asia International most Charming in the year 2018, Kajol felt the need to give back to the society as she has always been inclined towards social service. She wanted to use her title and en-cash it to help women like her who have been reluctant to go out and explore what the world has in store for them. 

Kashika events is an event management company mainly for women and children. They believe in the ability of women to prove their strength and independence. They strive to create “Rising stars and Achievers”.

Social Services-

Social service has always been a part of Kajol’s life as she feels that people must put their best foot forward to help the needy and underprivileged. People must not only empathise with them but also understand their situation and contribute in small bits. 

She has 3 orphanages and old age homes under her to which she extends help and support wherever and however possible. 

How was the year 2020 ? 

She says that it was a year of realization. Not only was it realization of the environment around us but also realization of self. Along with the reduction in pollution, people have learnt the value of relationships, learnt what is essential rather than living a superficial life. It was a much needed break from the monotonous life where people could concentrate on health, wellness, relationships, dreams and take the time to plan things out calmly. Many new professions and hidden talents came out during this period. People learnt to support each other and understand each other, says Kajol.

Plans for the future-

Kajol says that she wants to expand Kashika Events and bring it to people who really need it. She wants to help women come out of their shells and give them the confidence so that they can achieve what they always dreamt of.

Views on ‘EMpulse’ an event management fest-

EMpulse, according to Kajol, is a brilliant initiative and a fantastic opportunity especially for those with creative minds and aspiring event planners. It is a platform which can help students to get into this field. 

She says that colleges must take part in EMpulse as it gives a chance to explore the underlying thoughts and capabilities which stand unexplored due to the lack of opportunities and fire to grab whatever comes their way. She says “Hit it big”, you never know which door will open.

A piece of advice-

Dreams are meant to be lived and achieved. Life doesn’t give you too many opportunities so when it does grab it and make use to the fullest. “Fly, soar the skies” says Kajol. There is always going to be a conflict between the mind and the heart. “Go by your instinct and listen to your heart” 

In case you missed it Watch this recording here and follow team.i on Instagram for more such alumni videos. 

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