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Is Event Management A Good Career Option For Girls?

Gender stereotypes have always been a defining factor when it comes to most career options as seen over the years, surpassing even the nature of the industry, the qualifications necessary to succeed in a particular role or the age limit. Unsettingling, unfair, unjust are just some of the words that come to mind when we think of the numerous opportunities missed out by millions of girls and women across the globe.

This International Women’s Day, in keeping with the theme of this important occasion, #BreakTheBias, we at team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute have penned down a blog post around the topic:

‘Is Event Management A Good Career Opportunity For Girls?’ in the hope of not only shattering the ridiculous stereotypes but also encouraging, motivating and supporting aspiring women event professionals to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams.

Succeeding in the event management industry, similar to many other dynamic industries, is based purely on possessing the right set of skills, being able to execute plans, work well in a team and be flexible to continuous change.

Gender, age, physical traits and other misleading aspects are just what they are, misleading aspects. While we still have a long way to go, progress has most definitely been made.

Women are today leading some of the top event management companies across the globe, contributing significantly to the overall success of the event and entertainment industry.

So if this doesn’t answer the question well enough, here it is. Yes, event management is definitely a career opportunity, girls and women interested in the field should consider. With incredible learning opportunities, internships and industry projects, global networking, the era of the digital and virtual world, there is no limit to what the introduction of new talent and skill can bring into the industry. 

Here are some of the leading women event professionals in the field today, who have taken the industry by storm:

Priya Khosla of Engage,

Anita Makharia of Shubhkamanaye, 

Tanya Sah of Avant Events and Entertainment,

Sucheta Shekar of Banana Boat Entertainment Network, 

Komal Bhandari of Ank Concepts, 

Ayushi Garg of Kisses by Candlelight, and

Manasa P Kumar of Center Stage Events

among several others who continue to serve as a source of inspiration to budding women entrepreneurs out there today.

While we strive to support women, may we also acknowledge that in order to achieve this, we need to acknowledge the role of the male counterpart in helping to create a more inclusive work environment, where we appreciate hard work and talent, uplift and encourage each other. Where the focus lies in creating an environment that supports growth, that inspires visionaries to be born and eventually to positively impact the event industry going forward.

Wishing you a positive and powerful International Women’s Day. May we understand that in supporting women, we support the prospect of a better future.

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