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Interview with Sandip Goswami, Founder and MD of Shubharambh Productions Pvt Ltd

Paradigm shift in the event spaces… Is the second installment of the team.i live Instagram series. This is a series where experts from all across the event industry feature in a live conversation with our CEO, Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney. 

The whole objective of this series is to address and answer the questions and concerns of young people regarding the fate and future of the Events Industry due to the pandemic. The experts invited on our show will address these set of questions while they also talk about their journey in the event spaces.

So on the 15th of June 2020, on a lovely Monday evening of 6pm, Mr.Sandip Goswami, Founder and MD of Shubharambh Productions Pvt Ltd., joins our CEO Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney as he talks about his illustrious journey from army school to the events industry, about his exciting ventures on virtual platform and much more

About Yourself:

Mr. Sandip was born and brought up in  Siliguri, Darjeeling. He did his schooling from Army school Darjeeling which is defence based where every detailing has to be done perfectly in the campus coincidently connecting with the profession he is in now.

After schooling, he moved to Bangalore for his higher studies. He was pursuing Masters in Business Administration from the BMS college Bangalore. Initially he found it difficult to get in Bangalore due to language barrier plus over the years he had been maintaining a defence lifestyle, and suddenly switching to civilian life was indeed difficult for him.

He used to receive very little pocket money which he got every month and was not enough to survive or fit in a big city like Bangalore.

Thus he started working in a promotion job as a part time worker which made him earn some pocket money and also study at the same time. In the process he started to get contact with people in this field where people started approaching him directly or indirectly and that’s where he understood the so-called manpower .

He started liking and showing more interest in the event industry like how it goes and what are its requirements.

Simultaneously, he ended up as 3rd rank holder in his University, while on the other side he had learnt a thing or 2 about event management even without doing an event management course.

After completion of his Masters he worked as a Marketing and brand communication specialist for ‘Times Of India’ for 7 years.

Later he started his own production house which has basically got multiple services to offer the clients live events like every other event company does. The best part is that the material that has been or is being used  in the events are all owned by them rather than depending on vendors which gives them complete control in their professionalism and detailing as they wish to implant in the event.

His company apart from doing events, also offers social media marketing and digital agency services simultaneously to support the clients.

He even was a part of the music industry for 14 years and he’s very well known as DJ Sandy.

 How has the lockdown been?

 We wanted to create a fun element during the pandemic because our employees were stressed and were scared. We had lunch together.  We made artistic engagement with our employees, and it actually helped create content for post pandemic.

During the pandemic we stayed together as much as possible. We wanted to keep the morale high for our staff members.

“We created certain products, around 18 in total and it’s for everyone to consume.”

Lockdown helped them to create an alternative product in the virtual space, that has now allowed him and his organisation to worry less even if the lockdown sustains for a long-time

“It’s a blessing in disguise”

They have also organised 4-5 wedding events from selective clients during this pandemic. The agency has recently created a virtual event platform where they are able to connect and give solutions to most of the  agencies in our country and also outside India.

Mr. Sandip stated that “no clients belong to anybody, the clients select the agency depending on the field , access, resources and budget and so there is no need to worry about it.” 

Approximately they give services to about 300 clients which includes small to big events. Before the pandemic they were not limited to any events as production is needed in every event.

 Advice for the young aspirants 

Mr. Sandip advises the younger ones to be more detailed.

“They shouldn’t restrict their knowledge to their syllabus and books. I’ll hire people or youngsters whose knowledge is beyond what they have learnt in college.”

Adding to that point he further says “They should be with the trend that is happening around them. They should be proactive with what they are doing. Do a lot of research.”

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