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Interview with Mr. Samit Singh

On a lovely Friday evening, 10th of July at 8pm, we had Mr. Samit Singh, founding member and managing partner of DENIM, join Mr. Arvind, CEO of team.i on our Instagram live series  Expert Speak on the changing landscape…a plethora of opportunities.

Tell us about yourself

 Mr. Samit’s journey in the events industry started off in 2002 when he joined an event management firm in Bangalore. “After working there for some time, I realized what I wanted to do”. He soon joined the advertising industry for a while. After working in the ad agencies for quite some time, Mr.Samit decided to join Red Circle Events.

“The team over there had some great guys. That’s how my stint in corporate events started”. After this he dabbled around few other events agencies until 2011 when he decided to start his own firm. I am absolutely happy with my journey, it’s been some ride”.


How has the lockdown period been?

“On the income side it’s been zero business. We haven’t done any virtual events yet. But we have the prepared technological tools to conduct one, so if tomorrow someone enquires to us about virtual events then we are good to go”.

 What’s your take on the future?

“I don’t see anything for the next year, till next June.”

According to Mr. Samit, this entire situation of Pandemic should prompt everyone in the events industry to pursue something else “if the situation boils down to survival”. He advises that this is the time to look out and explore for the opportunities that lie ahead of us. He also emphasizes the need for collaborations in the events industry, as according to him it’s the way forward in the future owing to this entire detrimental situation. 

 “Times are extremely uncertain and dark. Right now we have to stand with each other and help each other out”.

 If you had to collaborate, what would you bring to the table?

“I would bring a whole lot of contacts, concepts, ideation and resources. I have had a great experience with many top corporates. So this is what I can bring to the table”.

 Any advice for aspiring event managers?

“First and foremost, don’t get negative about tomorrow. Figure out what we can do today, and we will worry about tomorrow later. Something I tell my kids and that is, we have to look at our income model differently from now on. We need to find different revenue channels. This entire pandemic situation is something that nobody has faced in our generation. So I don’t see anything worse happening in the future, because right now we are living in the worst time. Ups and downs are part of life, stay positive during this time.

Laugh about everything. Humor helps. Humor makes bulletproof. Humor helps you handle everything. Go out and meet people while maintaining the safety norms. Explore opportunities and your passion and try monetizing it. Always go the extra mile in the event management industry. Go beyond your KRA and go extra, learn on the job and deliver”.

To watch the full video, head over to our Instagram page.

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