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How Can An Event Manager Organize The Perfect New Year Eve Party

Welcoming the new year has us all in the best of spirits and what better way to celebrate than by putting on our party hats and making the most of spending time with our near and dear ones. 
Given the current times that we live in, social distancing, night curfews and limiting capacity are the new norms that we need to abide by and in keeping with these protocols, it becomes challenging to come up with exciting and fun ways to throw the right new year’s eve celebrations.

Think no further, as we have made your job easier by putting together a few of our favourite party ideas to help you plan the perfect holiday weekend. 

Read on further to know more about it.

How to host the perfect house party?

Given as many of us will opt for staying in and inviting only a few close friends and family over for an intimate celebration, house parties are the perfect chance to showcase your event planning skills.

From the decor to the food, music and entertainment, there is much planning that needs to be done in order to pull off a successful house party. 

Picking out a theme can help set the tone for any party, from choosing the genre of music, to organizing the types of party foods as well as the entertainment to allowing guests to dress accordingly. 

Lighting and room spacing are other important factors to consider. Making sure that there are pre allocated spaces for setting up the food counter, allowing for seating arrangements and for those interested in enjoying the music are other aspects that need to be considered .

Whether a big or small house, with the right planning, you can be certain about hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve Party all from the comfort of your homes.

 Planning on hosting an Office Party?

While we may not see as many office parties this year round, to those looking to throw an Office New Year’s Eve Party, here are some ways to make it a great success.

Firstly, it is important to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities regarding the policy of organizing office parties.

The number of employees that can be in attendance and ensuring proper sanitization and social distancing is maintained are important factors to take into consideration.

Secondly, the budget of hosting the event. From setting up the venue to organizing the food, music, lighting, gifting options and the entertainment, sticking to the predefined budget is crucial.

By the end of the day, it is all about having a great time in the company of your peers and in doing so, keeping in mind the importance of staying safe is a significant factor to consider at all times.

All you need to know about Club Parties

The kind of parties that sees the majority of the younger crowd, club parties while coming with several restrictions this year will see quite a number of people regardless.

The music, the lights, the ambience and the overall atmosphere gives club parties the added advantage, drawing in the larger crowd and setting the perfect scene to welcome in the new year.

While organizing a New Year’s Eve Party is an exciting feeling, have you ever considered making a career out of it?

We at team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute help aspiring and passionate  event planners like yourself build incredible careers.

Offering a variety of event management related courses, be assured that your future rests in good hands.  

No matter how you plan on celebrating the arrival of 2022, we hope you stay safe and have the best time ever!

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