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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Consultants

Wedding consultancy is today a thriving business, one that brings in great revenue each year, adding to the budding event industry in the country. Since the onset of the pandemic, while in-person events have been drastically cut down and are today limited to accommodate only a fixed number of attendees, it is the hybrid and virtual event industry that has seen an upsurge these past few months.

Wedding consultants are today more in demand than ever, given the changed event space and the much needed skill set and knowledge required to conduct a successful wedding that they bring to the table. 

Read on to know a little more about wedding consultants, what it takes to become a successful wedding consultant and how you too can pursue a career as a wedding consultant.

What does it mean to be a wedding consultant?

Similar to an event organizer, a wedding consultant is someone who assists their clients with planning every aspect of their wedding. From deciding on the food, the music and the menu, a wedding consultant is with their client every step of the way, setting up meetings with third party vendors and helping couples plan, take action and eventually execute their dream wedding.

What does it take to become a successful wedding consultant? 

There is no, one formula approach to becoming a successful wedding consultant per say. A combination of several factors come into play when it comes to doing a good job. From having the right theoretical and industry knowledge, matching the right skill sets to the right task, possessing the required interpersonal skills and being open to the latest global and technological trends, enhancing client experience and contributing to the wedding industry on a whole. Instead of focusing on the monetary compensation, working towards building a good clientele, a strong professional network and experiencing global trends is what budding wedding consultants should be on the lookout for.

Want to become a wedding consultant? Here’s how to get started

At team.i – The Entertainment and Media Institute, we believe that taking the right, first step towards building a successful career comes from a formal education, one that contributes to the overall development of the student, equipping them with the necessary skills, industry knowledge and practical experience to make a global career. The Certificate Program In Wedding Planning, is a hybrid, one-of-a-kind wedding planning program to help create a platform for aspiring wedding planners to learn, grow and explore the world of weddings. 

A comprehensive and dynamic learning opportunity, this program allows you to explore your understanding of the industry in a manner most suitable for the reality of the wedding sector in the country and abroad. Being a hybrid course in nature, the opportunities it offers are limitless. From online classes to internship projects in various aspects of wedding planning the CPWP is truly one of a kind.


Are you up for the challenge, to become the next big wedding planner of the Indian event industry? If so, what are you waiting for? Use this opportunity to start your wedding planning career the right way. Register today and realize your wedding planning dream.

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