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Event Literacy Is Essential

A common misconception when it comes to the event industry is that it is a 100% practical oriented learning experience. Since its conception, event professionals have exhibited skill sets, a profound understanding of the industry and the learned experience of negotiating, communicating and leading teams of multiple sizes. All these are not something that comes only through experience but requires a fundamental and basic knowledge of the industry.

This is where the idea of Event management courses comes into light. Set to cater to budding event professionals, event management courses have today evolved largely into curating curriculums that are greatly influenced by the market environment within which the industry operates. Depending on the nature of the course program, event management courses teach students a diverse range of concepts, from basic event management knowledge to its practical application in the ever changing world of events.


This International Literacy day, we at team.i thought it important to do our bit in informing and encouraging aspiring event enthusiasts to understand the availability and importance of an event management education. With opportunities in large supply, employers are today looking for professionals who are not only talented and adaptive to change but also specifically having a strong foundation in the basics of event management. At team.i we understand that and have specially designed and structured courses that help event professionals gain the right knowledge, making them industry ready and able to take on the challenging and exciting opportunities that the event industry has to offer today.

To help put things into perspective, we have mentioned below a few testimonials shared by some of our alumni who are today some of the most successful event professionals in the industry.

“I was not very outspoken but have today transformed into a person with strong opinions and extrovertedness. The credit to this drastic change goes to team.i as the institute has given me a lot of exposure through various events like product launches, corporate events, big concerts, road shows and much more. Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, CEO of team.i has been a mentor who I look up to and am grateful for the support and love he continues to give me. team.i has opened up for me many opportunities at an early age and has taught me so much. It helped me clear all the questions about myself that a graduate will always have and gave me exposure not only to the event industry but also various other industries.” 

Abhijeet Hemant

Ayushi gives more than 95% credit for her career to the Institute. Even today she maintained her Excel Sheet the same way she used to do it in the Institute. She feels grateful, back then where there was no concept of event management, the institute opened a world of opportunities for her to explore and work on her dreams. She explains that it’s not only the theory or practical she learned, the discipline she adopted from the Institute that made her what she is today.

“Through team.i, I got the opportunity to land my first job in the space of events. I thoroughly loved the expense and truly believe that it set the tone for how I have looked at my career ever since. Mr. Arvind, being my first boss, influenced me to a great extent, shaping me to be the event professional that I am today. The great thing about him is his ability to see something in you that you still haven’t seen for yourself and encourages you to pursue it.”

Vachana Shetty

“People management is one such skill which is an integral part of event planning along with networking which was instilled in me at team.i. I got a better picture of how to conduct myself and self groom through my various experiences which always come handy at some or the other point in life. team.i gave me confidence to explore new dimensions.”

Kajol Bhatia

If you have the passion and are willing to take the first step towards turning your event management dreams into reality, team.i is the place for you. Having curated three courses catering to different learning outcomes and student requirements, at team.i, students are allowed to explore the mirage of opportunities that the industry has to offer today. Wait no longer and register right away to ensure you have the best shot at building your event management dream career the right way.

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