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Event Conceptualization Session By Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor

Riding high on the success of the first session of the Event Management Insider Series conducted at team.i, we were pleased to have with us, all the way from Scorpio Events, the one and only Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, speaking on the topic ‘All About Event Conceptualization’ between the 12th and 14th of June, 2023.

A session that was highly anticipated by each of our students, the 3 day session was a tremendous hit to say the least. Mr. Sanjeev did a wonderful job in helping our students understand the topic at its very core, giving them ample real time examples, sharing his own experiences and encouraging them to share their opinions and knowledge in a manner that kept them engaged throughout.

Some of the key topics that were covered included, the importance of sound event conceptualization, how as aspiring event industry professionals, one can equip themselves with the necessary resources to put together the right pitch and some of the challenges that are being faced by event planners today.

Overall, Sanjeev did a phenomenal job in helping our students understand that event conceptualization is a critical step in the event planning process. It provides a clear direction, ensures consistency, enhances attendee engagement, guides decision-making, facilitates communication, sets the tone, and helps create a unique event experience.

An overall, extremely beneficial session, our students at team.i benefited immensely from all the knowledge sharing that took place during the course of the 3 days. 

A big thank you to Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor for his time and attention in making sure that important topics were covered and all in all, that the students were able to understand the wide scope of opportunities that this industry has to offer.

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