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Do’s and Don’ts during an Internship at an Event Management Company

Internships are often a way for students to gain the skills necessary for building a career path in their field of study. They are an exciting part of the college career that can help you determine which career paths truly fit you.

The internship helps students in professional development by providing hands-on, real-world experience and transferable skills that are critical to finding the job after graduation.

Nowadays, an internship is a must for every college student because it allows them to apply all the information learned in school while preparing for the real world. As a student, your event planning internship program should be done to ensure it leaves a lasting impression on your employer and participants. Therefore, it is within your power to ensure you have an amazing internship experience. To help you work through the entire internship process and leave a good lasting impression, here are the dos and don’ts of doing an internship at an event management company.

Do not break the dress code

When working at an event management company, always ensure you maintain the dress code and sticks to the basic workplace rules. Most employers will expect you to have a certain dress code and maintain language and privacy. Therefore, do not dress down unless you are specifically instructed to do so.

If you are unsure about anything, ensure you inquire about it from your intern coordinator, Even if you start becoming comfortable and develop familiarity with the coordinator, or you experience other employees wearing jeans, always maintain the dress code as instructed by the internship coordinator.

The idea is to dress for the occasion and, in most cases, dress formally to always make you confident.

Do: Be on time

Part of being professional when working as an intern is to ensure you are punctual and work within the requirements of your intern coordinator.

As an intern, always try to impress by ensuring you come in early and be on time for the tasks ahead. Be clear on what time to arrive and blow your boss away from the get-go.

Similarly, prioritize your work and complete them on time when working as an intern at the event management company. The idea is to make as good of an impression as possible and increase your chances of being considered for future job opportunities.

Therefore, be on your best behavior, including coming on time and completing tasks on schedule.

Do you know your place

As an intern, you are starting at the very bottom position of the company. Therefore, always ensure you know and maintain your place in the company.

Put in mind that you are an intern and not an employee, then respect your boundaries within your assigned role. Do not pretend to know everything when working as an internship and never try to outshine your seniors.

At the same time, do not get caught in the workplace dramas as an intern, because this can quickly turn into a tragedy. Try to keep your head down and stay within your boundaries as close as possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When working as an intern at an event management company, ensure you ask questions for anything you are not sure. Even if you feel stupid, it is much better to ask questions than do something wrong or pretend to know. Get ready to learn new skills when doing internships.

An internship is a good opportunity for students to learn as much as possible, and you can take this chance by asking questions. Therefore, do not wait for opportunities to come knocking, rather go knowing for any chance that may present itself by asking questions.

Do volunteer to do tasks

An internship is an opportunity to learn new skills and gain new ideas. Therefore, do not sit around there without something to do, rather make sure your intern coordinator is aware of your efforts.

Ask if there is anything you can help with or volunteer for projects when you have free time. Sometimes the intern coordinator may not realize that you have completed a task, and it will not help when they find you sitting around. Therefore, take the initiative to approach your coordinator and volunteer to help whenever you are free.

In essence, ensure you take initiatives while keeping in mind not to overstep. Do not always wait for your supervisor to assign you a task, but be proactive to inquire about what you can do.

Having an action-oriented attitude when working as an intern will always come at an advantage, as it will show your interest in playing a part in the organization. Therefore, take every chance to shine and stand out, which is one way of marketing yourself for jobs in the future.

Do stay focused

When interning at an event management company, ensure you stay focused and alert all the time.

Dazzle your intern coordinator and your boss with enthusiasm from the word go, which includes bringing in a pen and notebook for taking down instructions.

It would appear studious to ask someone to repeat instructions because you were not focused on understanding them.

Therefore, show enthusiasm and attitude, which are crucial in unlocking doors to more responsibility. Ensure you keep a professional behavior when working as an intern at an events management company. This includes being respectful and understanding that every person is different with diverse opinions.

Do not at any moment idle by surfing the internet and social media when you are needed to be working.

Do: Maintain a high level of professionalism

It is crucial as an intern at an event management company to maintain a level of professionalism all the time. Ensure you are headstrong in completing your tasks and don’t show any immaturity when interacting with seniors in the company.

One way of maintaining professionalism during your internship is to turn off the cell phone all the time when working or interacting with other people. Most employers will not allow you to use your phone checking for social media during work time.

Therefore, put your phone away because of any slight disturbance during the activity can taint your image within the company.

Be open to feedback

While working as an intern at an event management company, be open to receiving feedback from the internship coordinator, and respond to the correction appropriately.

Do not be unwelcoming of constructive criticism when interning, because you will always receive feedback on your performances. What is important is to listen carefully, admit where the mistake was, and work to improve and become better in the specific area.

Taking regular feedback about your initiative and working on the negative ones speak a lot about an intern. Therefore, be open to hearing how things are going with your internship and how you can improve.

Learn to accept constructive criticism, as it shows that you take the job seriously and want to improve continuously. If you are easily offended by any feedback, an internship is an opportunity to work on that and improve on the weaknesses.

Do keep an open mind

It is always important to keep an open mind when interning at an events management company or an international environment. This includes getting involved in the office team and get along with your coworkers.

Even if your position as an intern does not require help from other people, get to know your colleagues and how they are working in the office. The idea is to exploit every chance of gaining experience while interning within the company. This will help you have a better work environment with other employees and improve your efficiency in the company.

Therefore, stay in touch with coworkers for experience and ensure you talk to them about their duties to get to know the people you work with more. This is one way of keeping an open mind and learning from the experienced ones.

Don’t try to hide a mistake

Furthermore, when working as an intern at the events management company, do not try to hide mistakes and look perfect. No one can be perfect in their first stance at a job, which means you are bound to make mistakes.

You will make mistakes ranging from missing a deadline to coming late or omitting important information. However, instead of trying to hide a mistake, rectify, and learn from the mistake to prevent future repetition.

Do not be shy after making a mistake, but admit the wring and inquire about how you can improve from the mistake.

Do add value to the company

When interning at an events management company, ensure you add value to the organization by making an impact for everyone to see.

Ensure you display your passion for the tasks by being creative and delivering the best results always. If your boss asks you to do the same tasks every day, then get to work on them before he even asks.

Do not wait for your boss to assign more work when you can inquire and work on them beforehand. In the end, be proactive and valuable that the company will not want to lose you. This way, your work will not go unnoticed.


Many factors come into play when interning at an events management company, and this article provides the dos and don’ts of the internship. Following these things of what to do and what not to do will give you the confidence to walk the walk and talk the talk as an events manager.

The points will help you complete the internship knowing how to feel comfortable in the workplace and how to communicate in the office effectively. You will also leave your internship coordinator and coworkers impressed with your work as a professional.

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