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Career in Event Planning vs Wedding Planning: The Better Option

When deciding to pursue a career in event management, students and aspiring professionals have a plethora of opportunities to choose from. 

Be it wedding planning, sports management, event planning or specializing in corporate event management, the choices are endless, especially since the onset of the virtual space of event management.

Through this blog post, we wish to highlight 2 of the most popular career choices that are in high demand today, Event Planning and Wedding Planning.

“Event planning includes but is not limited to budgeting, establishing timelines, selecting event location, arranging for equipment, acquiring the appropriate permits, planning menus, transportation, developing a theme, hiring entertainment, selecting speakers, managing risks, and developing contingency plans.”

“The process of designing, planning and managing a wedding” is the most simple way of defining wedding planning. Wedding planners are trained professionals who assist clients in planning entire weddings or specific wedding activities. They discuss wedding logistics with clients, negotiate vendor contracts, and ensure that wedding-day activities run smoothly.

While both come under the umbrella of event management, there are a few key differences that can be highlighted:

Specialisation and Scope

1) Event planning does not require any specific expertise unlike wedding planning. One can diversify their portfolio by taking on a range of different types of events such as birthday parties, business meetings, baby showers, charity galas and corporate events. On the other hand, wedding planning is limited to wedding focused events such as proposals, engagement parties and bridal showers.

Process and Training

2) While the basic training and qualification remains more or less common between the two, it is in its application that one can spot the differences. While in event planning they are taught the general process of a consultation meeting, which is then tailored to meet client specific needs, in wedding planning, they are taught how to conduct consultation meetings specifically for wedding clients.

Experience and Certifications

3) Event planning as a whole is an unregulated industry, which goes to say that your experience holds greater weightage when compared to a qualification or the lack of it. Having said that, a certified event planner will hold precedence over a non certified professional. In wedding planning however, a certification of qualification is required in order to begin a career with a reputed organization or to start one of your own.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have discussed some of the key features and differences between event planning and wedding planning, let us look at some of the pros and cons that comes with choosing either one

 For Event Planning:

1) No two days are the same in event planning. Getting to meet new people, building a strong professional network and exploring a diverse range of events on a global scale are all part of being an event planner. On the other hand, having to work long hours, take on stressful responsibilities and being able to manage and efficiently function in a team environment are some of the drawbacks of event planning.

2) Event planning offers incredible job prospects especially if backed by a certified qualification in the field. With technology reaching new heights everyday and the influx of western influence, the opportunities are limitless. However, being a fiercely competitive market, periods of unemployment, the influence of recession and dealing with a crowded job market are some of the challenges that event planners face.

For Wedding Planning:

1) Similar to event planning, wedding planning is an exciting and ever evolving market space. No two weddings can be exactly alike, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different options. However, having to deal with difficult clients, maintain small budgets and work with suppliers can take a toll on wedding planners.

2) Being your own boss or working for some of the top wedding planning companies provides you an incredible platform to learn and grow from. Getting to interact with a large pool of talented wedding planners and exploring different cultures and wedding festivities adds a great deal to your portfolio as a wedding planner. The wedding market is however, quite seasonal and while the growth is incredible, the climb to reach the top of the ladder comes with years of experience and the right qualifications.

In conclusion, while a clear distinction between event planning and wedding planning has been made, choosing one over the other would not be the right approach, given as it ultimately comes down to personal choice, qualification and experience. The market for both is currently picking up quite well since the onset of the pandemic and together as part of the event fraternity, the progress and growth being made is monumental to say the least.

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