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If you have a passion for conducting events, flexible to work long hours, have good organisational skills and outgoing in nature. Then you can make a successful career in Event Management.

You also need to be good at organising, punctual, have an eye for details, a people-person and enjoy great gatherings… Then a career in event management may be perfect for you!

Ever wonder how things come together like clockwork in any big event. Take the opening ceremony of the Olympic games for instance. Caterers, lighting, seating, decoration, music, performances, stage props, costumes, sequencing, logistics, souvenirs, trophies, marketing & publicity, crowd management, security and much more… There are so many details and like we say ‘the devil is in the details’. But who runs this show? The event managers of course!

With an increase in corporate and personal or social events, their demand is ever increasing. The employment market for event managers is snowballing. Some estimate that the need for event managers will increase by one-third in the next decade.

Reasons to Start your Career in Event Management

Event management is an incredibly exciting, busy and fast-paced career. If this sounds like something you’d love, then here are some reasons to start a career in event management;

Business anywhere

When it comes to event management, the world is your oyster. Event management is a career that you can take anywhere in the world. There is a demand everywhere! So, if you get bored in your city, you can pack up and move to another city, state or country.

 Work from home

As long as you have a phone, a laptop and an internet connection, you can plan and arrange most event details without leaving your home. Basically, you can do the bulk of your work from your comfortable couch! Then, line up all your appointments to your’s and your client’s schedule.

Keeps you on your toes

To be in event management, you will need great social skills to interact with clients, venues, guests and vendors… You need to own the knack for organising, have an eye for detail and a love for punctuality. A career in event management will engage all your skills and keep you mentally stimulated too!

Every day is different

Each client is different. So, every event you plan will be different. Their needs and purpose for an event will differ. No two days are ever the same in event management! This is one thing you can definitely expect from a career in the event management industry.

Variety is the way

A common saying ‘Variety is the spice of life’ makes perfect sense to an event manager. One day you are planning an exotic wedding on the quiet white sands of Colva beach, Goa. The next day you may be brainstorming ideas for an office theme party.

Event managers can focus on one particular area of specialisation such as Corporate Events, Special Occasions Events… But if you want to do it all, the choice is yours!

Hard work reaps benefits

When you put your heart, mind and soul into an event and see it play out perfectly, that good feeling is absolutely worth it! You will never get tired of the satisfaction you get from watching a planned event unfold smoothly and see the delight on your client’s face.

Event Management Skills Set

The very basic qualification to get into the world of event management is to be a graduate. Yet, you must have certain traits that would help you go a long way in this industry. Required skills include:

Creative Skills: From coming up with big ideas for clients, to managing an event, creativity plays an important part.

Marketing Skills: Whether you plan on becoming an entrepreneur or becoming an employee, you must use your marketing skills. From selling your idea to your client, to negotiating with vendors, to creating memorable events…

Analytical Skills: With each event entailing some level of risk, you need to have a knack for solving all sorts of problems. Anticipating unforeseen issues will help you much more.

Management Skills: Planning and sticking to deadlines are key. Delegating responsibilities between team members will help pay close attention to details. Make sure everything goes smoothly within the budget.

Networking Skills: This field thrives on personal networking. You need to build up a good network. Your business will expand through the contacts you make.

Public Relation Skills: Managing clients and other professionals in your line of your work is difficult but a necessity.

Event Management Career Options

There are many career options to choose from in this vast field. Here are a few to give you an idea;

Event Planner

From large-scale exhibitions to high-end galas, event planners do it all. This role is a perfect fit for powerful multi-taskers. Before D-day, planners choose and arrange all logistics for food, decor, personnel, entertainment and technology to pull off a flawless event…

During an event execution, planners are the go-to person for solving unforeseen problems or obstacles. It is fast-paced. It is intense. But the feeling of accomplishment after a great event is priceless.

Wedding Planner

Weddings are a huge industry by itself. Nowadays, most couples turn to wedding planners to make sure their big day goes off without a glitch. These industry professionals know the ins and outs of every wedding topic. From the bridal attire and tiered cakes, to sound systems and marriage certificates.

They help their clients make decisions that fit their expectations and budgets. On the wedding day, they take pressure off the couple by running the show. Taking care of all issues ensuring the newly-wed couple have a perfect day.

Catering Services Manager

If you are a ‘foodie’, then catering manager might be the right career option for you! Whether you need to feed hundreds of people or design a perfect five course romantic dinner for a couple’s anniversary, your job is important!

Making sure guests and clients are happy is key. Most catering managers need a background in food preparation. Having formal or inborn skills in planning and problem solving are always a plus.

Corporate Event Planner

Planning any event for organisations requires the expertise of a corporate event planner. They have the knowledge and experience to create a successful event. Be it a business meeting, product launch, conference, holiday party or team building outing…

Specialist Event Planner

You can choose to specialise in one event area. Like the above mentioned ‘Wedding planner’ or ‘Corporate event planner’. There are other events to specialise in. If you have always been a sports and fitness enthusiast, then choosing to be a sports event manager would fit your bill. Likewise, you could also be a tourist event manager or a fashion event coordinator…

Venue Managers

They are experts who execute a great event in their space. Whether it’s an auditorium, an arena or a concert hall, they know the layout, work and ambience to manage a variety of events. Venue managers are also the sales and marketing managers for the venue too. They help bring in new events and promote upcoming shows in the venue. They can sometime function as event planners. Or help event planners in-charge execute their perfect event.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Generous donors keep non-profit organisations operational. Sponsorship co-ordinators help attain more funds. They host lunches, dinners and other fundraising events as a way to encourage donations and thank past donors.

Tasked with catering to the needs of important and well-off business people and community leaders. A sponsorship coordinator needs exceptional people skills, tenacity and ability to create meaningful relationships with sponsors.

Social Media Coordinator

Social media plays an essential part in everyone’s lives. It has influenced every industry, the events industry even more! Social media coordinators work to promote events on social media. To gain attendees and exposure for the event and venue.

Using unique hashtags, creating live feeds and designing digital campaigns help promote an event. Social media coordinators are important to make any event a success. As far as a career option, it will give you a chance to interact with technology.

These are a few event planning career options. No matter what your role ends up being, the events world is fast-moving, exhilarating and always full of surprises.

Event Management Career in India

Event management has cropped up as one of the most profitable industries in India. The events industry in India will cross the Rs.10,000/- crore mark by 2020 – 21, as per a report from the Event and Entertainment Management Association.

Even so, the supply of qualified event managers is insufficient to meet the growing demand. This gives rise to great employment and earning chances. Event management is emerging as a bright career option. With style, glitz and glamour associated with corporate and social events, the industry is spear-heading in India.

Event Management Career in Bangalore

Bangalore is the 2nd fastest growing metropolis in India. It is also the 4th highest GDP contributor. Bangalore is popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, home to over 10 million people. Events are largely laid across this huge city. This megacity is bustling with such unique activities all year round, so if you happen to miss out on one, the other is right around the corner.

Events in Bangalore are never uncommon. Be it rock shows, musical concerts, beauty pageants, fashion shows, product launches, cricket matches, seminars, art exhibitions, conferences and most importantly, the multitude of weddings… The city is a preferred destination for many events.

From High Profile weddings such as Deepika-Ranveer, to the famous Miss World beauty pageant, to the countless rock concerts such as Deep Purple, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and the most recent Bryan Adams concert in October 2018 at Ozone Urbana… Bangalore absorbs everybody in its enigmatic events. An event manager has many avenues in this city. From Wine Tours, to OctoberFest, to Kitsch Mandi, to Sunday Soul Sante, Sunburn Festival, or even the TCS World 10k… With every event, the city comes alive.

There are many institutions to choose from in Bangalore that offer a course in event management. Few institutions that have already made a name for themselves are team.i – School of New, Wizcraft MIME and Talentedge, Gems B School, Mindsspeak Pvt. Ltd… Choosing one of these great institutions will help you start your career. So, If Bangalore is the city of your dreams, the opportunities are endless.

How to start your Career as an Event Manager

Starting a Career in event managing can feel overwhelming at first. It feels like there’s so much to know and so little time to learn everything.

The best way to enter this profession is as a trainee with a degree, diploma or a certificate program in this field. While training with an event management firm, you will get an opportunity to learn how to organise events. Once you learn the process, you can make a career in this field.

Intern with a non-profit organisation, a company or a freelance event manager. Get out there and network. The more people you know and the more relationships you build, the easier your career will be. Create an event portfolio to showcase your expertise and knowledge. Then go conquer the field!

Event Management Career after 12th standard

There are many event management colleges across India. On passing Class 12, students can apply for a diploma course in Event Management. There are a number of academies or institutions that provide this vocational course. These courses will teach you theoretical concepts about events. It will also help you get internships in event management companies. Apart from this, you will gain valuable contacts of others in the industry.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, liberal arts and humanities, will help. These courses also teach you about event management.

Event Manager’s Salary

Remuneration in this field varies as per the kind of event managed. Remember the sky is the limit for any worthy and successful event manager. After completion of an event management course, one can start his or her own company.

The pay package in this industry varies according to your roles and responsibilities. It also depends on other factors, like the organisation you work in, the type of clients your organisation caters to, your experience, the location of the firm and so on…

One can expect anything between Rs.30,000/- to Rs.40,000/- to start with. After gaining some experience working in the industry, one can earn as good as Rs.50,000/- per month or more.

On proving your abilities in the field, a freelance event manager may earn near Rs.1,00,000 per event. Again, all these depend on one’s own ability and way of handling mega events. Event management is a multi-million-dollar industry growing rapidly.

Job Opportunities

Job prospects are plenty in this industry. The event management industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds despite the current global economic slowdown.

Events and occasions are an integral part of our lives. When it comes to hosting events, celebrating birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and festivals are just the tip of the iceberg…

Academic institutes are now conducting grander annual day functions, inter school competitions, sports day celebrations, College or University level cultural competitions… In the corporate domain, there are annual general meetings, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, conferences, product launches, brand development activities, employee outings, team building outings… Other events include fashion shows, cultural programs, sports events, beauty pageants…

Talented youngsters who want to make a mark in this field have multiple avenues to do so. You can join an event management company or even a media house specialising in event activities. Once you have gained ample experience and exposure in the industry, you can start working as a freelancer or set up your own business.

Does Event Management have a Good Future?

There is an insatiable demand for event management professionals not just in India, but around the world too. A rapid growth in events such as music concerts, fashion shows, cultural events, academic functions, exhibitions, trade fairs, religious gatherings and the like, have fuelled the demand for talented event managing personnel… This ever-increasing demand for creative and result oriented event managers is going to continue in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for??? Apply now to be ahead!

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