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Indeed, the commerce stream is a popular choice when a student completes Class 10. Most students feel that choosing commerce will offer them a wide range of career opportunities when they graduate. And yes, there are many options to choose from! Most common options include B.Com, BBA, Economics, History, English, Sociology, Mathematics, Computer Science… All these courses offer a decent career. But there are other courses such as Event Management which prove to be a promising field. And if you didn’t opt for Maths in your 12th commerce stream, you can still become an Event Manager!

The Event Management industry is rapidly growing. The demand for qualified event managers outweighs the actual numbers that exist. Although it is not a popular choice amongst students, Event Management shows great promise. You can expect a career filled with opportunities. When it comes to job prospects and career building, it definitely has high prospective. Now don’t you think you would rather choose Event management over run-of-the-mill courses?

A Career in Event Management

Event management is a multi-million-dollar industry. With events organised everyday around the globe, why won’t it be? The size of the industry has grown at an alarming rate in the past decade alone. According to a report from the Event and Entertainment Management Association, the events industry in India will cross the Rs.10,000/- crore mark by 2020 – 21.

The events industry evolves and changes every year. From new social media opportunities in event marketing to using environmentally-friendly practices in an event, new trends and technologies make planning an event easier and more secure.

A career in Event Management is one of the most profitable opportunities for anyone. There is a huge growth in the number of companies and individuals hosting events in the country each year. Yet, the supply of qualified event managers is still insufficient to meet the ever-growing demand. Giving rise to immense opportunity for employment and earnings too. If a career in Event Management is what you’re interested in, then you’ll be sure to succeed.

Duties of an Event Manager

These are the basic steps when it comes to planning and executing an event;

• Coming up with ideas based on the client’s brief.

• Using your creativeness to plan the event.

• Fix the right vendors needed to host the event successfully. Vendors include caterers, decor specialists, florists, security personnel, sound and lights, DJ/band…

• Find and finalise an ideal venue to host the event. Depending on the event, venues can either be hotels, resorts, auditoriums, stadiums or grounds.

• Make sure to keep a tab on the expenses so that the cost doesn’t exceed your budget.

• Keep communicating with your client. Make sure they approve every stage so there are no big surprises later.

• Deal with legal aspects, if needed. Like obtaining police permission, preparing contracts for the vendors…

• On the day of the event, make sure things go according to plan.

• And finally follow up with guests and clients for feedback after executing an event.

Choosing the Right Event Management Institute

Gaining the basic know-how that comes with doing a course will definitely help you. But what will truly make you shine in the industry is carefully choosing the right institute! This will propel your career further.

team.i, the premier institute located on a 7 acre campus in the heart of Bangalore is the perfect choice. For the past decade, team.i has nurtured, groomed and trained students into the perfect industry candidates. They make sure students have a strong foundation. Besides theoretical knowledge, they focus on hands-on experience too. Their partnership with DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd., gives their students an opportunity to work with the best in the industry.

team.i’s Event Management Course lays emphasis on theory and practical sessions making 50% of the courses duration in theory and 50% for practical sessions. Besides providing you with academic excellence, establishing yourself within a network of students, faculty and alumni of a well accredited course like team.i’s will help open doors for your future.

Salary in Event Management

In comparison with other industries, choosing Event Management as a career comes with good salaries. You can expect between Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- just to begin your career. And with gaining experience, you can earn as good as Rs. 50,000/- per month or even more.

On proving your abilities in the field, you can choose to become a freelancer or even start your own business. This way you can earn near Rs.1,00,000/- per event depending on how good you have become in organising and executing events.

You can have a Great Future in Event Management

People realise how easy and fun hosting events have become with event managers around. The insatiable demand for event managers make this a great field to work in. This demand for qualified professionals not only exists in India but around the world. So, if you love to travel, the world is your oyster! Working in this domain, you can take up international events too. You will get a chance to travel and be more passionate about your work.

This profession also offers you the opportunity to meet new people every day. It helps you build contacts. You may even get the chance to meet your favourite personalities! It certainly gives you an opportunity to manage events for them as well.

Being in event management even grooms you well. While working on your communication skills, you will learn how to talk, to dress and accomplish tasks perfectly. You will ultimately build your own personal brand.

Event management is low risk business too. You can start your own venture and be your own boss without much investment. As you gain clients, you can hire employees to work for you.


If you are a natural at multi-tasking?

If you are good at handling people and situations?

If you are always on-time?

If you certainly love ticking things off your list?

If you have a creative streak?

If you love all the “ifs”, you would make a fantastic Event Manager!

Enrol in team.i’s next generation Event Management course today and graduate with a job in-hand.

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