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Art of being a Creative RJ/Emcee by MJ Rakesh

Have you ever attended a session that you genuinely related to and were so engrossed in that the passing of time was fleeting? 

Every speaker wishes to captivate their audience but few succeed in doing so. It takes experience, passion and understanding the mindset of their listeners to ensure that a speaker can hold the attention of his/her audience.

On the 1st of May, we at team.i conducted the 7th session of the team.i event edu series in the presence of MJ Rakesh, who goes by the name of Prof Ulfat Sultan

A Radio Jockey for 12 years, Professional Emcee, enthusiastic Gamer, Team Building Specialist and Comedian for 15 years now, MJ Rakesh popularly known as, Professor Ulfat Sultan has several years of accredits attached to his name.

From hosting Celebrity shows, 10 seasons of the IPL and 6 seasons of the Pro-Kabbadi League to ISL Football and music concerts in India and abroad, MJ Rakesh has played a significant role in them all. 

And his recent 95 days stint on Bigg Boss Kannada, making him the most popular face on TV. Recently awarded the Youth Icon Award by Govt. of Karnataka

His session was all about the creative side that is present in each and every one of us but what we often tend to neglect or refuse to believe can be worthy of consideration.

There is no format, structure or course that can be done to master the art of creative thinking. It is identifying what we love and to work on what we love doing.

Love what you do and do what you love is a simple yet powerful saying which MJ Rakesh is a proud believer of.

Getting rid of the mental block that we cannot be creative and that nothing can come out of it is the first step to creative thinking.

MJ Rakesh made use of several examples to help us understand how to identify the creative platform that most interests us, to create content and to exhibit it in a unique and creative manner.

He gave us examples from his experience as an RJ, host of the IPL and several other events that he has been a part of for several years now. His approach to the entire session was not so much about teaching us concepts and methods but more about making us fall in love with the idea of exploring our creative sides.

The tricks and techniques that have helped him in his career he very kindly shared with us. He explained to us the concept of an idea toy and how a simple idea can influence something great.

It is all about making use of what you observe from your environment and putting your own twist to it that makes your content original and yours. The most important aspect in choosing your content is relating it to your personality.

He encouraged us all to take risks and to be bold with our content. Make it unique and out of the ordinary. Understanding that content comes from other content is crucial which then pushes you to add your own touch to it and make it different.

Other topics that were covered included voice modulation, accents while speaking on a mic, the words to emphasize on while speaking, having a better stage presence and many more interesting and very relevant aspects when it came to being a radio jockey or a part of any other creative field for that matter.

There was a questionnaire round where several of our attendees voiced their questions and asked the speaker for his opinion on certain topics.

It was a great opportunity for all of us to be a part of the discussion as a lot was shared in the process.

MJ Rakesh ended his session with an element of surprise, inviting our attendees to be a part of an activity that he had organized.

All in all, it was an experience that was much more than a learning opportunity. I can without a doubt say that all of us left the session feeling 25% more invigorated and excited to try our hand at something creative.

To watch this session on demand, click here

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