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An Interview with Rahul Jain from team.i

Energetic and driven are two words that best describe our next student – Rahul Jain, a dedicated and passionate aspirant of event planning who finds his forte in the Production and Marketing spaces. 

His in-depth knowledge about the usage of various social media platforms to produce the best results is one of his most promising attributes. Confident in his ability to exceed expectations, Rahul is looking forward to being as involved with the event industry as possible in the coming few years.

His Story

Hailing from Chennai, Rahul discontinued his studies in the first year of his degree to pursue a career in event management. As someone who was always passionate about doing events and exploring the space of photography, Rahul was driven by the exciting idea of working an event, travelling and meeting new people instead of working a 9-5 job. 

He has since been working on building a strong social media presence and today is the proud owner of several Instagram pages that consist of memes and other trending content that has taken over the internet by storm. Having worked in this space for over 5 years now, it feels like a job in itself, one that he finds himself to be very good at.

More about his Social Media presence

With a follower base of more than 20 million across his various Instagram handles, Rahul works mainly with the areas of promotion and meme content with Youtube and Facebook being the other channels of his production as well.

Rahul has also worked with Meme Branding- a method used to promote Apps, Brands and Institutes at a cost. 

His reason for joining team.i and his learning over the course of the program

Rahul was always passionate about event management even back in his school days and organised many events and birthday parties in his hometown. He came to hear about team.i from an alumni and decided to apply for the Certificate Program in Event Management in order to build his skill set and secure a well paid job in the industry.

The classes on Presentation were his favorite where he learnt more about the manner in which to go about presenting a business idea and the ways in which to conduct oneself.

Apart from that, 3D Max was another subject Rahul enjoyed learning about. It was something he was always interested in and uses it even today while continuing to learn and explore it more in depth.

The Industry Projects that he worked on during his time at team.i

Rahul has worked on 9 IP’s since joining team.i and enjoyed the TCS 10km Run Event the most. An event that saw thousands of people taking part, Rahul was a part of the Media team. His role included working with the accreditation department as well as the presentation team.

Having worked tirelessly for over 4 days, their hard work paid off and the event was a massive success. 

The kind of work he most enjoys doing

Confident in his communication, client servicing and marketing skills, Rahul is looking to get placed either as a Productions Manager or to be a part of a well established Production and Marketing team. 

Why he believes he should get hired

Rahul is someone who puts his best foot forward in everything that he does, is a great team player who is ready to step up and take on responsibility when needed. Willing to work anywhere in the world Rahul is open to exploring new and challenging roles in order to improve his understanding of the industry.

Where he sees himself 3 yrs from now in the event space

“If I get placed in a good company I would like to continue working there. If not, I would like to start my own event company that will cater to many aspects of event management either in Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai and hope to have the right knowledge and experience by then.”

 Does he think team.i will get him a job

Rahul is very confident in his belief that his time spent at team.i, learning and growing as an event planner would surely work to his benefit and help him establish himself as the event professional he one day wishes to be.

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