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An Interview with Priyam Singh from team.i

His energy and quick learning style enables him to hit the ground running with no trepidation whatsoever. Unafraid to take on challenging roles and test unchartered territories, Priyam Singh’s aptness when it comes to sizing up problems speaks volumes in terms of his professional abilities.

Leaving no stone unturned, Priyam is confident in his skills to deliver the best results and is looking forward to being a part of a Productions or Creative design team in the space of event management in the near future. 

His Story

An alumni of Kendriya Vidyalaya uptil the 10th grade, Priyam’s journey with events began back when he was in his 1st PUC. Being an active member of the events and festing community in his college, Priyam found himself eager to learn more about the industry.

Pursuing his BCom along with the Certificate Program in Event Management from team.i, Priyam thus began his journey with events and is today balancing both courses splendidly. 

His Reasons for Pursuing an Event Management Course

Since beginning his PUC, Priyam was drawn towards the extracurricular activities that took place in college and soon found himself working as part of the organising committee. From hosting inter-collegiate events to travelling events, Priyam enjoyed being a part of the experience and was eager to formally learn more about it by doing a course in the field.

Thus began his search for event management institutions and his quest to learn about the different verticals within the event space. 

What He Learned During His Time At team.i

Having gotten the opportunity to be a part of 17 IP’s during his course at team.i, Priyam was lucky to be given the chance to learn from some of the biggest events held in the country.

Each event proved to be a great learning experience and taught him something new. The 4 most memorable events he was a part of included the Moto Sol event, the Pro Kabbadi League, the Blackberry trade show and a stand up comedy event.

From working in the accreditation team to being a part of the production and design team, Priyam got involved in as many departments to better enhance his understanding of the industry.

The Theory Classes He Enjoyed And Learnt The Most From

Priyam enjoyed all the classes he attended and was very happy with the support and guidance shown to him by the faculty and staff at team.i. From honing his soft skills and logical reasoning to making use of fun and interesting methods of teaching, Priyam looked forward to each and every class that he attended.

The Kind Of Job He Is Looking For

Keenly looking to be a part of production work and something in the creative field, Priyam hopes to put into action all his learning from team.i in catering towards meeting his career goals as an event professional in the near future.

What His Strengths Are 

Creative in his approach, a critical thinker with a good eye for detail, Priyam has learnt 3D designing at team.i and is confident with using 3D max to execute design and other creative functions. 

His Time Spent In Lockdown

During the last few months in lockdown, Priyam has been a part of 8 on-ground events while also taking the time to attend online B.Com and team.i classes. He has made the most of the resources available and taken every opportunity to learn and grow better as an event planner.

It was great having Priyam share his story and experience with us over this Instagram session and we wish him the best of luck and every success in all that he sets out to do.

In case you missed out on the live session, do head on over to our Instagram page to watch the recording.

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