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What Gets You Noticed In Your Event Career?

An Interview with Priya Khosla (Video)

Hi I’m Hari U V. the chief academic counsellor at team.i. 

As a part of our interview series with industry experts and team.i Alumni, today I was fortunate to meet and discuss Event Management with Ms. Priya Khosla from Engage (Video below). Engage is her initiative to showcase a robust, systematic and relevant approach towards event management.

Priya has been in the Event Industry for more than 2 decades now. Before starting up Engage, she was the Senior Vice President at Geometry Encompass which is a BTL marketing agency (now part of the WPP group and is aligned with the JWT Network).

During her tenure of 15 years at Geometry Encompass, she built many firsts for the organization. Be it new business verticals and or systems she kept innovating and planting growth opportunities. She has worked with multinational brands and businesses across sectors– Toyota, Ford, MetLife, GMR, Britannia, Titan and many more.

Know more about Priya on LinkedIn

This interview (video below) will provide valuable insights for working professionals and graduates who want  to start their event management career. We discuss how to differentiate oneself in the market and the process Priya has developed to gain a deep and powerful understanding of brand consulting. 

We will also be discussing the traits that top event companies look for when hiring and the skills one needs to develop to land a well-paid job in the event industry.

And don’t the end where Priya offers expert career tips advises to all you aspiring event planners out there!


Summary ( Video Below)

  1. What should a modern-day event planner should look like? How can you differentiate yourself from others ? How can you be future -ready for the industry?

2. In the perceived Male Dominant event Industry, what should women look out for, while joining a company? What is her secret to happiness in life and career so far?

Key points and takeaways :

  • There is a lot of scope in the event management industry, if you approach it with versatility and Passion
  • Focusing on shaping specialists and competent individuals is key.
  • Platforms such as digital marketing and social media have great value in the event industry and its uses are constantly evolving with the change in the market
  • The best way to learn is to do it all and to work on your own developmental cycle
  • It is important to be open to learning new and challenging tasks, ones that need not necessarily fit the job profile

What Sets You Apart As An Event Management Professional When You Join The Industry

  • The ability to challenge the expectations of your clients by not merely taking on suggestions but offering a new and exciting way of conducting events
  • There are over 500 lakh opportunities in an organized event industry today with the need for specialists with specific skills
  • It is the energy and passion for the industry that must be seen, your involvement in the work you do, you should be driven, forget all inhibitions and build good relations
  • Incorporating yourself with the company as you now carry the brand name with you and it entails a huge responsibility to create a better experience for your customers
  • Ensuring that your interests are in tune with that of the organization are necessary as it determines your commitment and dedication towards the company
  • Joining smaller companies and start ups as it encourages more learning and shouldering of responsibility

 Women in the Industry

  • It is important to understand the need to encourage and support women in the industry today while providing the same opportunities that an equal male counter-part would receive
  • Women are now heading jobs in the technical space such as Production and Client servicing that was previously a male dominated filed
  • No matter the gender, working with honestly and integrity is what is important


The Secret Sauce To Happiness And Success For All Young Professionals

  • Finding happiness within oneself and not caving to the expectations set by others but being true to one self
  • Following one’s passion and calling are her secrets to a happy and successful life
  • Make the need for constant transformation, consistent, meticulous learning and opening up to new opportunities be your driving force for success.
  • Volunteering and taking initiative, being resourceful and helpful along with being open to learning the trade and working hard goes a long way in any business
  • It is important to look forward to being a part of the action and take pride in your state of self achievement

Kickstart A Very Successfully Event Management Career

Get trained by event industry experts, gain practical exposure, join an event community and reprogram your professional life for massive career growth.

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