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An Interview with Haneesha from team.i

As part of the team.i Instagram Live Series, we decided to interview a few of our very own students and discuss their experiences and plans for the future.

To kick start the series, we were joined by a student whose interests lie in the area of client servicing and which she believes is where her true strengths are best utilized.

Haneesha enjoys engaging in client interactions and is of the opinion that her practical experience from past events will help launch her career with the right event company. She absolutely loves what she does and is always looking to try out new and exciting ways to get better business results.

Her story

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Haneesha, has completed her BTech in Information Technology and recalls the day, 3 years ago, on Engineer’s Day when she first took part in a technical fest conducted by her college. Since then, she began actively taking part in the planning and organising of various events that helped her develop her communication skills along with her self confidence.

After that, there was no stopping her. She did her research and came across team.i and thus began her journey with us. Over the course of her program, Haneesha grew significantly as a young, aspiring event professional especially with her nac for making great presentations and her knowledge in Excel.

Haneesha is also a very good sportsperson having participated in table tennis, cricket and badminton tournaments during her school and college years. She has won several laurels for the college and continues to enjoy sports.

This was another influencing factor that drew her towards team.i, where students are given the opportunity to intern at some of the biggest sporting events of the country such as the IPL and the Pro Kabbadi League.


What has her journey with team.i been like?

From learning the fundamentals of presentation skills, how to put forward a business pitch, participating in team discussions, improving one’s professionalism, understanding how presentation output is key and how to get the expected results, Haneesha has learnt a great deal since becoming a part of team.i.

The well-rounded course structure along with the brilliant faculty of reputed event specialists, catered to her every need in order to ensure that she is industry ready.   


What was her experience like working an event?

Haneesha got to be a part of 10 events during her tenure at team.i with the Pro Kabbadi League being her biggest event yet. She goes on to speak in length about her learning and experience of being the head of the accreditation team and having handled over 500+ entry passes.

Along with managing a large team, she spoke with clients and interacted with the staff and other employees that has today given her the confidence and self assurance to take on any role and see it through with perfection.

One of Haneesha’s most admirable attributes is her determination and discipline to see things through. In spite of there being a few challenges, she took it upon herself to lead her team to the best of her abilities and live up to the expectations that were set.

Achieving a 100% did ratio came as a huge confidence booster to Haneesha and is something that she takes pride in.

What did she get up to during her time spent in lockdown?


Over the last 6 months or so, Haneesha has spent time with her family, attended team.i bootcamp sessions, took up work as a freelancer for a friend doing documentation and presentation work. She has also looked into learning more about the various tools on social media along with design and illustration applications. Designing and photography are other areas wherein Haneesha is looking to develop herself in and is working towards learning more about it.

What is her take on the team.i Bootcamps?

Workshops conducted by industry professionals on virtual events, licencing and permissions for music events apart from several other industry related topics were covered during the Bootcamp sessions that were conducted by team.i. With industry specialists sharing their experiences and teaching our students every aspect of the various sectors that make up the industry, it served as a great learning opportunity for all our students.  

What kind of job offers is she looking to get?

Client servicing being her strong point as she feels confident in her presentation and communication skills to help enhance customer experience, Haneesha is keen on working in this space in the near future. With no limitations on the place of work, she is also interested in doing virtual events in the interim if given the opportunity. 

 She strongly believes that her time at team.i will help her undoubtedly and hopes to get placed through the institute as she is comfortable in the knowledge that her experience and learning will serve her well.

Confident and hard working, Haneesha has proven time and again, just what a dedicated and passionate event planner she is and looks forward to what the industry has in store for her.

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