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An Interview with Gagan R.P from team.i

Our next student speaker has been a part of various industry projects as per the team.i curriculum and has through it gained an abundance of knowledge and honed a skill-set that makes him one of the most eligible young event professionals of his generation.

With an educational background in commerce, Gagan R.P believes that given the combination of a well groomed set of skills and his practical experience, he will be able to stand out from the crowd and work towards achieving his career goals in the space of Productions within the event industry.

His Story

Our next student speaker was born and bred in the city of Mysore, where he completed his education upto his 2nd PUC before going on to pursue a degree in BBA. Soon after enrolling for the course, he came to realise that it was not something that interested him and he found himself easily losing interest during the classes.

Not wanting to take over the family business, Gagan found himself wanting to be a part of an industry that he was passionate about and that helped channelize his creative side. Not long after this, he decided to discontinue his BBA and took some time off to speak with people and figure out a career he pictured for himself. 

As someone who had organised night markets and movie nights with his friends, Gagan decided to explore the space of event management in depth. He spent some time researching some of the top institutions in Bangalore and was soon introduced to team.i. Impressed by the reviews and counselling sessions that took place, Gagan not long after enrolled for the Certificate Program in Event Management.

More about his learning and experience from attending Industry Projects

Gagan has been a part of 13 events and is selected for a 3 month internship opportunity with the IPL project. Sharing with us his experience of working on Echoes of Earth, he speaks about his time spent working on marketing and promotional strategies along with being a part of the production and artist management committee.

Having to cater to a large clientele was a challenging and tiresome task but an experience of a lifetime where he learnt numerous skills and was able to apply his teachings from team.i.

With each event he did, Gagan learnt a great deal about the industry and was given the opportunity to try his hand at different tasks to help him find his niche within the industry. 

More about the theory classes he attended

Like all the students at team.i, Gagan finds it difficult to pick one class that he liked best. From the classes conducted on Presentation skills, to learning about Efficient Communication and Professional Etiquette, Gagan enjoyed them all and found the topics to be interesting and looked forward to learning more.

The interactive teaching approach along with engaging the students in the right manner are methods that have greatly influenced the students at team.i to work towards becoming more confident in their decision to become event planners of the future.

What he’s been up to since the lockdown began

Gagan has been spending his time indoors attending online classes conducted by team.i and working on developing his skills as best as he can.

Why he believes he should be hired

Gagan believes that his time at team.i has taught him a great deal and along with the lessons learnt in class, the industry exposure that he has received, he believes that he possesses the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to land him his dream job. Seeing himself as standing out from the crowd, Gagan is looking forward to seizing every opportunity to excel in this field in the near future.

Here’s wishing him the very best of luck

In case you missed out on being a part of the live session, do head on over to our Instagram page to catch the recording.


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