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An Interview with Emcee Kruthika

On the 9th of March, 2021, we were thrilled to have Bangalore based emcee, Kruthika join us for the 197th session of the Instagram Live Series. At the young age of 23, Kruthika has managed to grow her professional experience and reputation threefold since her journey began 6 years ago, to today hosting over 500 events across South India.

She is a multilingual anchor who has worked as a television presenter across various Kannada tv channels. The JSW project and various television projects are some of the highlights of her career and she looks forward to doing more work in this space. She is today a freelance emcee who enjoys travel, growing her network and trying out new cuisines.

Her Story

“Your Network = Your Networth”, something Kruthika strongly believes and is what she believes to be the key to her success in the industry today. As someone who loves meeting new people, she believes that each person is different, each having a depth of knowledge that is commendable and inspiring.

As a student, Kruthika was an introverted and quiet child who preferred the company of her own group of close friends. It was a teacher who encouraged her to try her hand in debating and while she messed up a few times in the early stages, she also realised that it was something she wanted to do, going forward.

Ever since a child, she was keen on hosting and organizing events and in school she got the opportunity to identify it as her passion. In college, she put herself out there more, got more involved and in 2016, landed her first gig. A birthday event of a small scale and her first event as a professional emcee and she found herself gobsmacked on stage, unable to frame even a single sentence.

While it may not have been the best first experience, it most definitely proved to be a great learning experience and she has only been growing since then.

“The event industry is one that teaches you to sculpt your own identity and to be a better person.” Kruthika believes that it has given her a chance to meet and learn from a lot of people and each day is a new learning experience.

Soon, she started getting calls to do various television shows and went through the whole process, realising her dream of seeing herself on TV. She began emceeing at the tender age of 16 and today, with each event she does, she has only been getting better. Kruthika has tried her hand at corporates, weddings and the likes and favors the corporate scene over the rest.

She goes on to share with us her experience working on a few projects, the JSW corporate event in particular. A 45 day event that entailed a lot of travelling and was a great experience overall. Kruthika goes on to tell us about the women in the industry and how she is constantly inspired and driven by their passion and love for the industry.
She brings out the stark differences between corporates and event management and why she loves her job and is loving being on this incredible journey.

Commercial Success

Coming from a simple, middle class family, today Kruthika is very grateful for the opportunities and the success she has gotten and the benefits she today enjoys as a result of her hard work and talent. While there have definitely been a few hiccups along the way, she has taken it in stride and accepted it as all a part of the journey.

Her Bout With Stage Fright

“Practice, experience, and consistent work on oneself” is how Kruthika overcame her fear of being on stage. Following a meticulous process, Kruthika has mastered the technique of preparing herself well before each event. It is a process she goes through, taking time for herself, preparing her content and understanding her crowd. It is a perfect combination of being spontaneous and preparing for the event that has helped her overcome her fear.

The Pandemic

Personally, she faced not too many hiccups as a result of the pandemic and is thankful for her good fortune, very aware of the hardships that many faced. Professionally, it has been rather difficult. From doing 15 gigs a month to now being offered 1-2 gigs a month, it has been quite a setback on the professional front.

However, she looks at it as an opportunity to learn and grow and improve the many skills the pandemic has forced us to acquire. She has used this time to learn more about virtual events and has even been a part of 5 virtual events till date. Kruthika is a true advocate for positivity and believes in taking it all in stride, eager to move on to the next chapter.

2021 And Her Plans For The New Year

With the new year came new opportunities and a chance to work on some exciting projects as well. She would like to believe that it will be a good year and 2022 even better. Her plans are to meet more people, network, be given more work opportunities, be hopeful, grateful and spread positivity. With a conscious effort to put her physical and mental health first, Kruthika is of the opinion that self satisfaction and contentment are the most important tools to happiness and peace of mind.

By the end of the day, she believes that it is the vibe you give off, the connections you keep and the good that you stand for that makes all the difference. She wishes to utilize this year to work on herself and not encourage the rat race that we all are unconsciously a part of.

Event management is about the good that you wish to spread and the willingness to do it from your heart. It is a profession that is more about practicality than it is about theory. Work on giving each client a different experience. Patience and hard work are the 2 key elements to a successful career in this field. Upgrade yourselves and your skill set and take efforts to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Make the most of the knowledge being imparted by your mentors and be open to the ocean of opportunities that will come your way. While event management may be the third most stressful job, it is also one of the most gratifying. Eventually, it will be your skills and reputation that precedes you, along with your consistency and work quality. Maintain a good relationship with all members of the supply chain and don’t forget to be kind, humble and support the community at large
MC Kruthika

An exuberant and vibrant personality, Kruthika’s energy and positive attitude is nothing short of infectious, leaving us all with a smile on our faces. We enjoyed our time hearing her story and we are incredibly proud of all the work that she has done. Here’s wishing her the very best and every success going forward.

In case you missed out on being a part of the live session, you can click here to watch the recording of the same.

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