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An Interview with Clement D’souza

What started out as a means of escape from a mundane routine, soon became a passion and eventually turned into his reality. Being joined by none other than the driving force behind the discs, Clement D’souza, we enjoyed hearing all about his experience as a disc jockey. Back when he began, being a DJ new to the world of turning tables, Clement was already well on his way to launching an incredibly successful career for himself.

Coming from an industry where cutting edge takes on a whole new meaning, he has managed to put a unique and positive spin on every party, event or gig that he plays at. With a repertoire spanning across various platforms, Clement has been a part of some of the biggest and most extravagant events, shows and performances till date.

His Story

DJ Clement comes from a humble Mangalorean family who had nothing to do with music and who played the few cassettes they had only on special occasions. Having gone through a rough patch during his teenage years led him to discontinue his education leaving him to fend for himself. Clement was strongly influenced by the negative portrayal of nightlife in clubs that used to play on television back in the day and was against the entire concept in general. All that soon changed when he entered a nightclub for the first time. The 6 hours that he spent there changed his entire perspective on the idea of the nightlife scene.

Back then, DJing was not a career that was taken seriously and he worked and learned it all the hard way to get to where he is today. Immensely grateful for the consistent support and motivation he received from his friends, Clement found himself moving from Mumbai to Bangalore, where he today is an acclaimed artist in his field, a proud owner of several awards and the recipient of various accolades and a reputation that is inspiring to say the least.

His Take On The Pandemic

Since the first lockdown came to an end in May, Clement took the plunge and reopened his music academy that he runs in collaboration with a fellow DJ and friend. Pleasantly surprised to see the large number of interested musicians register during those initial months encouraged him to continue his work and since then he has been a part of a few online events and has continued to entertain his fans with his brilliant DJing skills during these distressing times.

He is quick to add that the last few months have been a lot to take in and the uncertainty that prevails while daunting has also encouraged us to test our limits and explore newer avenues. As someone who does not give up easily, Clement has been working hard to continue running the show while also going the extra mile to set up a system to help other artists with their online gigs in terms of studio space and other technical facilities.

2021 And His Plans For The Coming Year

Clement strongly believes that the way forward is to keep pushing and continuing to run our businesses to the best of our ability. As the severity of the situation is slowly reducing, he no longer feels that the pandemic can be used as an excuse to put things on hold. “While there is no knowing when things might normalize, it is through adapting and upskilling ourselves that we can come out of this unscathed. Taking this time to invest in ourselves and mentally preparing to fight the good fight is crucial in order to stay strong and positive through it all” is what he has to say.

Parting Thoughts

“Whatever you do, don’t follow a herd mentality. Do what sharpens your skills and capitalize on your strengths while at the same time learning to adapt and add value to your profile. By doing this, you can not only find a new means of gaining some financial advantage but it can help you stay calm and focus on other things during these difficult times. Use this time to work on yourself, make your presence felt by displaying your skills online and work on getting recognised.”
It was indeed a pleasure to have DJ Clement join us and give us an insight into his experiences in the industry and plans for the future. In case you missed out on the live session, head on over to our Instagram Page to catch the recording.

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