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An Interview with Carlton Braganza from ‘Focus Music Club’

Spontaneous and free spirited, our next guest speaker is someone who lives life on his own terms and is unapologetic about following his passion. On the 18th of August, we were joined by Carlton Braganza who, through his music, made the last 2 months or so more bearable for his fans across the globe. 

When the lockdown was imposed in the country, Carlton impulsively decided to start the ‘Jukebox Jammies,’ a one-hour musical request performance that takes place from his bedroom every night.

Carlton is well known for launching the ‘Opus Music club’ and prior to the pandemic, he travelled extensively to perform at weddings, gigs and corporate events. Never missing a night, Carlton takes in music requests from all over the world and the Jukebox Jammies has today become a community of music enthusiasts who come together to share a common and much loved passion for music.

Getting to know our speaker

Not one for following plans, Carlton has always looked to make the most out of every situation in life. From enrolling in the Navy on a whim to getting married and moving to Bangalore, he took each day as it came and went with the flow.

Not long after, he decided to start a business in the events space and along with his wife went on to launch an event advertising brand consultancy company. Moving on to star as the lead in a musical theatrical production, Carlton met his business partner and established ‘Opus’ together.

What started out as an experimental venture went on to establish itself across the country over a successful long 14 years. Carlton then decided to shift his focus towards his passion for music and  went on to set up the ‘Opus Music Club.’

Since then, there has been no looking back and Carlton has enjoyed his time travelling across the globe and setting up gigs along with his fellow musicians.

More about Jukebox Jammies

What started out as a self amusing venture has today won the hearts of over hundreds of music enthusiasts across the country. Carlton shares with us his experience of starting the Jukebox Jammies and the series of events that led up to its formulation.

Today, with over 500 people tuning in to hear him perform, Carlton has catalyzed the growing community of passionate musicians and is enjoying every minute while doing it. 

How has he been able to monetize his projects during the financial crisis being faced by the industry?

Carlton never anticipated the Jukebox Jammies to gain the momentum it has today and while he initially was doing it at no cost, he later came to realize that he could in fact make something out of it in order to benefit and give back to those who would need it.

He decided to reach out to his team at Opus and together have been creating some incredible content. As of today, Carlton is working with several musicians and is looking to continue putting up some brilliant work.

Where prior to the pandemic he was doing close to 5 shows per month, today he is having to perform over 30 gigs at less than half the cost. Even so, Carlton has no complaints as he is enjoying what he is doing and does not feel as direly affected by the shortcomings of the economic fallout as most others are.

A firm believer in the saying that if you like what you do and you do it well, the money will eventually follow, Carlton’s optimistic outlook comes as a refreshing perspective during these unprecedented times.

Does he believe that the virtual model of continuing business is sustainable?

Carlton truly believes that the virtual world is here to stay and is quick in pointing out the reason why it isn’t as challenging as it is perceived to be. With offers coming in from corporates and opportunities to perform gigs and other shows, he believes that the work done online is no less than the work done prior to the pandemic.

“It is no longer the survival of the fittest but that of the quickest” and all it takes is to be ready to face the contingencies and accept the uncertainties within which the industry operates.

Parting thoughts

“You can’t expect the world to be the same as it was before and if you do then your chances of survival are bleak as it is in innovating and experimenting that we progress and grow. You have to make the most of the situation while looking up to those who are today doing better than ever before.  Manipulating the system to work to your advantage is the key.”

 An eventful and engaging 30 minutes spent with Carlton where we learnt more about his journey in the industry and his positive and nonchalant approach to life left us all feeling inspired and we look forward to seeing what else he sets out to achieve in the future.

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