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An Interview with Azgher Khan

‘Every organisation must have an Azgher’ – what better way to describe our next student speaker but by gushing over his exceptional commitment, hard work and dedication that knows no bounds. Azgher Khan is someone who will seamlessly go the extra mile in order to deliver perfection and is not hesitant to reach out to his peers when needed.

His humility and kindness must not be mistaken for weakness but a sign of genuine concern for those he works with. Looking to work in the space of Productions in the event management sector, Azgher has been a part of several projects, thanks to his incredible performance at team.i.

His Story

A true Bangalorean at heart, Azgher completed his schooling in the city before moving on to begin his diverse career. His very first job saw him working at Airtel and involved promotional marketing such as distributing pamphlets and generating leads for the network service provider. As someone who is dedicated to giving his 100%, Azgher did his best to improve sales and his efforts were soon recognised and he was then promoted to work as a sales representative at Accenture. He spent 2 years working with them before moving on to work at ICICI for the backend department as a service engineer and field executive for 1 year.

He then went on to work as a medical sales representative across Bangalore and Karnataka where he worked for 3 years at Baxter and was at the prime of his career when he decided to move on from the pharmaceutical field to that of event management. This was when he came in contact with Mr. Arvind and began working for him and gradually got to better understand the industry and the team.i institute and not long after decided to pursue the Certificate Program in Event Management course himself.

His journey with team.i

Sharing with us his experience of getting rejected from one of the first events that he had set out to intern at, Azgher tells us his journey of understanding the technique of experiential learning and its benefits that he today enjoys. From learning the art of professional etiquette and grooming to understanding the different verticals within the industry, Azgher has come a long way since he began at team.i. Today, he is proud to say that writing emails, making PPT’s, learning about 3D Max, communicating with clients and peers and being able to execute his knowledge in a professional manner has only been made possible because of team.i. Each class that he attended taught him something new and kept him curious and eager to know more. All in all, his learning at team.i was to Azgher a full package that has contributed significantly to his overall success and growth as an aspiring event professional.

Working on Industry Projects

Azgher has been involved in 10 IP’s so far and has covered a range of events, from corporate events, weddings, musical concerts to sporting events and goes on to share with us his learning and experiences. From first-hand experiencing the challenges that comes with the job of an event planner, Azgher also got to witness the rewarding appreciation that a job well done receives. Having to shoulder responsibility and take accountability for the work done, Azgher has grown immensely as an event professional, all thanks to his work experience.

Time spent in lockdown

Since the onset of the pandemic and the nationwide lockdown imposed back in March, Azgher has been spending some quality time with his family. A part of the Zeroin team as well, Azgher has been working on a few projects while also attending online classes at team.i. He has also been introduced to the space of virtual events and is spending his time learning more about it.

It was an absolute pleasure having Azgher join us for this session where we learnt more about his time at team.i and his journey and experiences. We wish him the very best of luck and success in all that he does.

In case you missed out on attending the live session, do head on over to our Instagram page to catch the recording.

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