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An 18 year event career that began at team.i

A series of interactive, inspiring and influential sessions with members of the alumni of team.i, here is a glimpse into what was discussed on the 15th of July where we were joined by one such alumni who is much loved and looked upto among several of his peers in the industry today, Tony Camillus Stephen, Director at Emaginations Inc. 

With 18 years of experience in the industry, he is someone who knows the industry through and through and we enjoyed hearing what he had to say about this journey so far and the future of the event industry. 

From his days as the senior VC at Showhose, one of the leading event companies back in the day, Tony took the company to great heights, taking on several projects that won the company global acclaim and recognition.

Wanting to explore the creative avenues of event management, it has been hardly 5 years since his successful stint at Showhouse that he opened Emaginations Inc. and is today leading one of the most talented and committed team of event professionals to cater to enhanced client experiences. 

His Journey at team.i

Tony is quick to point out that back when team.i was founded, the scope for budding event management careers in the city was limited. team.i is where it all began for him and several of his peers where the focus was on activation and promotion with Arvind sir being one of the visionaries who made sure the industry left its mark through the institution, the event company that he runs, and the Karnataka Event Management Association. The exposure he gained as a result of his time at team.i has helped shape the event professional he is today.

Emaginations Inc.

What started in college eventually grew into an e-designing and website based initiative and that’s how his company got its name. From e-markets, electronic media, experience to eventually working on events, Tony wanted to introduce a unique and exciting approach to the event space in the country through his company. 

How has team.i been influential in your life as an event professional?

Back when there were not many Bangalore based events, Tony feels lucky to have been a part of productions during his time in Showhouse where he grew from there for a good 14 years. Post that, he wanted to do something of his own, explore further creative avenues and thus Emaginations came into being. As of today, they have done exceptionally well and are proud of the unique and creative approaches that they give their clients. All this came from the guidance at team.i and the influence of stalwarts with whom he interacted. 

What are your thoughts about events in the year 2021?

“No matter the situation, people will not stop having fun. Life moves on and events will go on. The demand for qualitative and well known event professionals will be the need of the hour. While it may not be immediate, it will eventually be the future of the industry going forward. People are still dependent on event professionals to understand the needs of the people, to follow protocols and someone who understands the job.”

Can you tell us a few exciting events that you have been a part of?

Tony and his team were a part of the organization committee that hosted Prince William and Catherine Middleton coming to India. They managed the whole affair and received great appreciation for their hospitality. He has also worked with some very important clients under very tight schedules and pulled it off successfully.

What is your take on an event such as EMpulse?

Tony rightly believes that through initiatives such as EMpulse, it is important for one to build a sense of competition and to work towards being the best by putting yourself out there and learning a great deal in the process. He is very glad that the whole initiative is in play and goes on to share a few words of wisdom. 

 “The Brief is the mother of the pitch and needs to be given careful attention. Most importantly, commit to yourself. Ensure that you get it done and don’t leave the client hanging. It is important to understand that failure is a crucial part of learning and that it is about the experience and knowledge you gain from it. Always remember that you have made it this far and can continue to do so all the while preparing to grow under any circumstance.”

In case you missed it watch this recording here and follow team.i on instagram for more such inspirational videos. 


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