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Role of team.i in transformation of Abhijeet from reserved to outspoken

“Live life to the fullest” is a phrase that we usually hear but don’t always follow.  Here is a glimpse of what was discussed on the 5th of August where we were joined by one such alumni whose life has been limitless towards all his endeavours. Introducing Abhijeet Hemant Rao, Business Development Head at The Badminton Professionals.

Journey of life –

Filled with versatility and dynamics, Abhijeet has had experience of over 10 years working in various fields. His life has been a roller coaster ride which has made him the successful person he is now. His journey started off by opening a restaurant in Indiranagar, Bangalore post which he went to Goa and began to run a nightclub. He then got an opportunity of a lifetime in the Andaman Islands where he trained during the day as a dive instructor and ran a nightclub. He says he is blessed to have got an opportunity not everyone gets. 

He had done over 5000 dives and certified 400+ people as divers which kept his mind open to various challenges and opportunities that came along. He then came back to Bangalore and started the company called Nuts over Salads with his brother which is a subscription service where they delivered healthy meals across the country for over 2 years. They then gave it out as a franchise model. Post which he was one of the founding members of the GoldRush and built the event World On A Plate (WOAP) which has completed 5 seasons and taken a halt due to the covid-19 spread. World On A Plate is an event that showcases culinary excellence and acts like a platform for chef’s to showcase their skills. He now is working as a Business Development and Marketing head at The Badminton Professionals. 

 The Badminton Professionals-

The Badminton Professionals is a set up infrastructure for sporting facilities. They set up training centers for students who want to take up Badminton as a profession or even a part time sport. They run programs across the country of a holistic approach to coaching beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Role of team.i in shaping his career –

Abhijeet started off by being a reserved, not very outspoken person and transformed into a person with strong opinions and outspokenness. The credit to this drastic change goes to team.i as the institute has given him a lot of exposure through various events like product launches, corporate events, big concerts, road shows and many more. He mentions that Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, CEO team.i has been a mentor who he looks up to and is grateful for the support and love showered upon him. He also says that he knows that Sir is always there for him. 

Team.i has opened his eyes to many opportunities at an early age and has taught him so much. It helped him clear all the questions about himself that a graduate will always have. It has given him exposure not only to the event industry but also various other industries while he was a part of events, backend and industry speaks. 

Thoughts about the year 2022-

As the event World On A Plate was paused due to the covid-19 outbreak, Abhijeet wishes for the situation to better soon to resume the event as it brings excitement to everyone. He looks forward to the year 2022 and hopes everything will come back to normal. 

Fascinating experience at ‘The Barren Island’-

Abhijeet has been a part of the F&B industry for a long period of time and has had an amazing journey with WOAP and Scuba diving. 

“The Barren Island’ is an island located in the Andaman Sea. It is the only confirmed active volcano in the Indian subcontinent whose last eruption was around 15 years ago. 

Not many get the chance to view this pleasing sight where the base of the volcano is black and the water looks fresh with colourful corals and definitely not many get the chance to dive into this beautiful destination. Abhijeeth has taken a dive here and it absolutely excites him even today. 

Take on EMpulse, an Event Management fest-

EMpulse seems extremely exciting and is an excellent idea for students. It is a great platform for exposure and to showcase ideas, says Abhijeet. He says that not everyone gets the opportunities to showcase and execute their ideas and this is a great platform to take ideas forward. 

Piece of advice-

Don’t limit yourself to anything, says Abhijeet. Don’t wait for the right time, do what you love and the right time will come. Make the most of every day .

In case you missed it watch it here and follow team.i on Instagram for more such alumni videos. 

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