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A Special Session By DJ Lloyd

Having stumbled upon his trade by accident, he went through a life threatening accident which left him bed ridden for 10 months that helped put things into perspective for DJ Llyod.

Circumstances led him to DJing and today it is one of the greatest passions in his life. He started his career at Bangalore’s Hip Pubs, and since then has played for over 1000 shows, catering to a wide range of audiences in India and abroad.

His flexibility to play the music people want to hear has made him a much sought after DJ, especially by the Corporate Sector, Event Management Companies, reputed Clubs, Celebrity Performances, Weddings, Sports events, etc.

His mission in life is to play all genres of music that people love to hear and believes in the saying “Find a job you love to do and you will never need to work a day in your life”. 

On the 15th of February, 2022, we the students at team.i had the privilege of first-hand interacting with the man himself, DJ Lloyd. Insightful, inspiring and invaluable, his shared experiences, industry knowledge and life lessons are something we will always look back upon with fondness, not merely for the manner in which it was executed but for the quality of the content that we know we will continue to rely upon going forward in our careers.

From his first time behind a console, to the reality of the industry today and what it takes to make a successful career as a disc jockey, over the course of a few hours we managed to learn about green screens and about using the console and its many functions.

On the whole, we truly had an enjoyable learning experience, one where we learnt while experimenting with song mixes, grooving to some of the latest beats but also making notes and voicing our questions and sharing opinions and ideas.

At team.i, it is through experiences such as this one, that make the journey of studying here all the more incredible and exciting.

Now you too can be a part of this learning experience. Offering the Certificate Program in Event Management, a next-generation program designed to take the industry by storm.

Moreover, with celebrity and guest faculty from renowned agencies such as DNA Entertainment Networks, Mudra and Wizcraft along with internship opportunities at these organizations, our students get immense exposure and understanding of the nuances of the industry to efficiently develop, manage, and execute world-class events successfully.

With DJing as part of the curriculum, we are thrilled to provide opportunities to those who are willing to make the most of them.

We offer Wedding Planning course where we also teach about Djing. Admissions open today. Hurry! Register now and take one step closer to realizing your event management career.


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