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A New Era in Event Management

As a pioneer institution in the field of event management in the country, we have always worked with the aim to build a community of able, passionate and hardworking event professionals. And so, to have team.i recognised and featured on the media coverage of ‘The Pioneer’, as one of those responsible for having initiated a new and promising era of event management has been nothing short of incredible and only strengthens our drive and belief.

Being one of the first to transition to an online platform with the help Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, innovating, creating and planning, at team.i we have left no stone unturned in ensuring that our curriculum and learning methodologies have evolved over the last year as a result of virtual events and advanced digitization.

An industry that changes in dynamic ways, at team.i, we teach our students to not only prepare for these changes but to also be able to handle them, confident in their knowledge and capabilities to come out triumphant. Bootcamps, Event Edu Series, Live Insta sessions with industry experts apart from the courses offered are ways in which we engage our students in experiential learning, helping them better understand the industry.

Adversity is an inevitable part of life and while we prepare for what is to come and how best to benefit from the situation, we must also acknowledge the learning and knowledge gained during these distressing times and use it as a means to only grow and evolve further.

We at team.i are doing just that and we are excited to see what else we get up to in the years to come!

“My vision is to put India at the epitome in the field of event management and media. Through team.i, along with industry experts as trainers, advanced technological interventions and a world-class education system, we have been nurturing and developing highly-ta
lented, industry-specific personnel for the past decade, for the event management industry.”- Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, CEO, team.i

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