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5 Signs Why Event Planning Is Not For You

Passion and talent, two very different but equally important aspects of any job or profession, are often used interchangeably, and can thereby lead an individual to make faulty decisions, increasing stress, loss of interest and a gradual decline in productivity and effectiveness.

What we fail to realize is that not everything is the right fit for everyone and that it takes time, perseverance, patience and immense hard work to identify where your interests lie as well as your strengths to make the most of the opportunities that it presents.

If you haven’t figured out the theme of this blog post yet, well, here it is:

5 Signs Why Event Planning Is Not For You

Peer pressure is not uncommon and given the immensely competitive environment we live in today, the pressure to do more, be more and experience more is at an alltime high, pushing people to make decisions that they very soon regret.

Here are a few reasons why event planning might not exactly be your cup of tea:

1) Technologically inept:

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy keeping up with the latest technological developments, event planning might not be the right fit for you. While predominantly an on-site industry, the pandemic has opened up a world of opportunities, with virtual events and a hybrid model of event management taking centre stage.

This requires one to have a well informed knowledge of some of the latest applications and its many uses, providing creative solutions and enhancing customer experience. 

2) Inability to deliver: 

Event Planning is an industry that greatly depends on the performances that can be measured along various metrics, work output being one of the major factors.

The ability to meet client expectations, manage deadlines and be a team player is not something that can be attributed to every professional and so care must be taken to identify these qualities before deciding to make a career in event planning.

3) Biting off more than you can chew:

Event planning has no tolerance for resources going to waste. Be it time, talent, human resources or money, if you’re someone who falls prey to procrastination, event planning is definitely not the place for you.

With long working hours, tight deadlines and schedules, managing diverse teams and multi-tasking, an event planner is required to deliver beyond what is expected, regardless of the budget or scope of the event.

4) Loss of interest:

No two days are the same in event planning, however, that does not mean that you won’t get tired of the numerous responsibilities that will come your way.

If you’re someone who is not up for a challenge, finds it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances and work as a team player, you might want to reconsider your decision in the field of event planning.

5) Unable to lend an ear:

Being an event planner comes with being a great team player. Regardless of your designation, if you are unable to take in new opinions, be open to new ideas and adaptations, you will definitely struggle to find your place in the industry.

Good networking and building strong professional relationships is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding to pursue a career in event planning.

Now that we have listed a few reasons that will help you better understand if event planning is the right fit for you, it is extremely important to remember that there is something for everyone.

What is fitting for one is not necessarily the right option for another. It is in differences that we are able to build and contribute to a brighter and more successful future.

Work towards finding your passion and leveraging your strengths to better fuel the area of interest that you want to pursue. With this mindset, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

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