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3rd Bootcamp : Create Website + Blog Articles + Social Media Content in 6 hours

The need of the hour as we are all aware, is to establish an online presence that will ensure that our businesses continue to operate without much loss. With the onset of the pandemic and its curbing any sort of physical associations, it becomes essential that brands maintain a strong virtual presence.

When it comes to digital forms of marketing or any other business vertical for that matter, what it comes down to is the quality of content. You might have an incredible idea, but without the right content to launch it, there won’t be much use for it.

On the 16th and 17th of May, 2020, we at team.i held the 3rd edition of the Event Bootcamp sessions where we aimed to provide assistance to those looking to improve their online content creation journey. 

The topic of discussion was Creating Content for Online Platforms. Presiding over the session was Mr. Anoop Kurup and Mr. Sanath Kumar, both of whom are entrepreneurs who have had several years of experience working with content generation and understanding the nuances of getting it right.

 Their session covered several important topics such as:

– Learning how to create a website
– Writing Blog articles
– Creating social media pages
– Social media content plans

All of the above topics were discussed in depth and made for a truly invigorating and detailed session.

Tips, techniques, software and tools were exchanged and effort was taken to help the attendees understand better with the help of live demonstrations, real life examples and activity sessions.

 The 2 day Bootcamp could be said to have had the same impact, both in terms of learning and experience gained as that of a 1 month long course on any other learning platform.

The speakers were well versed in the topics that they covered and were dedicated in ensuring that our attendees were kept curious and interested in the session on both days.

Apart from covering the topics that were given, the speakers took it upon themselves to go the extra mile and discuss important and relevant topics pertaining to the present scenario, specifically with regard to the event industry.

Having worked in depth with event planners and companies for a good part of their career, both the speakers gave their audience a thorough understanding of what is to come with the shift in focus towards virtual events in the near future. 

 All in all, it was truly a session worth more than what it was charged for and one no one should miss out on.

 However, in case you did happen to miss out on attending the Bootcamp, don’t worry, we have just the solution.

Feel free to click here to register yourselves for the view on demand copy of the 2 day session

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