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Why Is Hiring An Event Manager Important?

In your opinion, why should someone hire an event manager?
Do you think it is advisable to execute an event without seeking out the expertise of an event manager?

Very often we bite off more than we can chew, be it personal or professional. Using the same thought process, let us consider why hiring an event manager is often overlooked and not given sufficient consideration.

Being a budding event professional, ask yourself, if you would advise your near and dear ones not to consult an event professional? Definitely not right? 

To throw some more light on this topic, Mr. Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, founder and CEO of team.i-The Entertainment and Media Institute recently through a YouTube video gave us some valuable insights on this topic.

Here are a few points mentioned in the video:

1. How an event manager offers an all-in-one deal. From the set design, to the lighting and sound vendors, the catering and event budgeting, all of these functions are taken care of by the event manager.

2.How event planners capitalize on their years of experience, wide range of contacts and professional networks, an event manager offers you the perfect tools to put together the perfect event.

3.Understanding how event professionals are trained to understand an event concept, design it and eventually bring it to life.

4.Why it is important to build a client – event manager relationship that can last a lifetime

5.How an event professional’s thorough understanding of all aspects of an event can lead to creating a memorable event.

In this short but informative clip, Mr. Arvind also throws light on the role of team.i-The Entertainment and Media Institute in shaping and developing some of the most promising event professionals set to take the industry by storm in the coming years.


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