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What Are The Event Management Courses after Graduation in India ?

Diploma in Event Management
BBA in Event Management
MBA in Event Management and Public Relations
PG Diploma in Event Management
Certificate Program in Event Management – CPEM
Online Program in Event Management

If you are someone who aspires to be a professional event planner and are looking to pursue a course in the field, the above mentioned courses are just a few of the many that you most definitely would have come across. Today, with the influx of an abundant quantity of information and resources, the challenges that arise with its convenient accessibility needs to be addressed.

Event management courses such as the above mentioned few are offered by a number of institutions both in the country and abroad. An industry that is founded on the very principles of a range of dynamic business models, it takes the right combination of perfecting critical theoretical concepts and the application of a versatile skill set in order to succeed in this industry.

It is the comfort of familiarity that is associated with these courses that tend to draw the masses and while it may be directed at teaching event management, very often than not, this objective gets sidetracked or reduced to an elective subject, with little focus on providing a holistic understanding of the event industry.

On the other hand, the Certificate Program in Event Management offered by team.i-The Entertainment and Media Institute has been designed keeping in mind these exact shortcomings and the dire need to bring about a solution.

The key USP of this course lies in its undivided attention focused on training, guiding and shaping event professionals who are ready to step into the industry with the confidence and knowledge that they acquire over the course of 1 year.

A course that only lasts 1 year, you may ask yourself how this is better than those offering a 3 year program?

The simple answer is that, becoming a competent event professional is not about the years spent studying event management but rather the quality of education imparted.

At team.i, the one year CPEM is a course that has been structured and designed in accordance with the reality of the event industry with the goal to best prepare students to step into the industry having the right knowledge to do justice to their role as the future of the industry.

With a responsibility to give back to the industry, at team.i, all our courses are focused around this particular objective. We teach you everything you need to know and then some more to help you not only understand the industry but also to help you see yourself as part of the industry. Our students are a result of their relentless passion and determination to work hard and give it their 100% and we are merely the catalysts to help them see through their dream of becoming the event professionals they always dreamed of being.

Certificate Program in Event Management and Activation(CPEMA): The Certificate Program in Event Management at team.i is a next-generation program designed to take the industry by storm. Unlike other courses available today, at team.i we take our students through a rigorous regimen of classroom academics, mentoring programs, and a mix of eclectic real-time industry internships that make them stand apart from the crowd. Moreover, with celebrity and guest faculty from renowned agencies such as George P. Johnson, DNA Entertainment Networks, Centre Stage, Wizcraft, Nefertiti Weddings, etc. etc. along with internship opportunities at these organizations, our students get immense exposure and understanding of the nuances of the industry to efficiently develop, manage, and execute world-class events successfully.

Online Program in Event Management : The Online Certificate Course in Event Management, will transform you into a complete Event Management Professional with expertise in all the aspects of the Event Industry.

At team.i, we call it Event Career Kickstarter – ECK Program. The ECK Program is a 4 month live online course that makes use of some of the best digital platforms to connect students with some of the greatest faculty in the field.

Success and being presented with the right opportunities does not come easy. It can however be made easier if each decision leading up to it is made carefully and with due consideration for its potential outcomes. At team.i, this is what we offer, an opportunity to help you help yourself and achieve the greatness that you are destined for. For more information, kindly contact us on 9901998899


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