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What Are The Benefits Of Being An Event Planner?

The event industry is dynamic and evolving. The skills that you learn in this industry are limitless. Planning and coordinating one event will give you new and practical knowledge on various aspects of a business starting from finance to operations.

Being an event planner can be quite challenging but at the end of the day is worth it because of the exciting and thrilling nature of the job with loads of learnings to take back home.

As an event planner everyday will teach you something new so here are a few advantages of being an event planner

Creative opportunities –

As an event planner, you have plenty of opportunities to access the creative side of your mind and put them to use. Planning different events for different clients requires you to be creative and take a new and unique approach to plan each event. 

No two days are the same –

If you think that a standard nine to five is not your cup of tea then as an event planner you would never have to do it. One of the main benefits of being an event planner is that every day is different. You have new problems every single day and you will find new ways of solving them every day. It is quite an adventurous industry and there is not much room to have a mundane routine when you are on this job.

Flexible hours –

Although event planning is a time consuming job, the working hours can be quite flexible. One of the best things about having a job like this is that you can choose your work hours whether it is part time or full time or whether you wanna work on weekends or weekdays or both depending on what works best for you.

Networking Opportunities –


The number of people you meet as an event planner is very high. Being an event planner gives you the opportunity to meet new people from across the industry and world and build connections with them. These connections and networks can often be helpful in the future and can lead to unexpected collaborations in the business. 

Teamwork approach –

Event planners often work in a team to manage and coordinate the details of their events. This can help you learn from other professionals in your field and try new approaches to event management. Collaboration may also make your work environment supportive. 

High projections for job growth –


The event industry is a fast growing industry and is expected to double in the years to come. According to statistics the employment rate will grow 18% from 2020-2023. This means that the number of jobs within the event industry will also be increasing. 

Variety of projects –

As an event planner, you have the freedom to choose your own projects and make sure that you can work on a number of different projects. This helps you gain more experience and every day is not monotonous. 

So to summarize – if event planning excites you then it is the right career choice for you and it comes with some amazing benefits as mentioned above! 

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