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The 5 C’s of Event Management

Being one of the most lucrative career options today, event management is a highly sought after profession especially among the youth. 

Demanding creativity, high levels of industry knowledge, and a range of soft skills, deciding to pursue event management comes with a lot of pre-planning and careful consideration into what exactly is expected of you.

Since the boom of digitization, advancements in virtual reality and the innovation in technology, the opportunities are limitless. Global reach has never before been so accessible as it is today and with the right guidance and understanding of the industry, professionals can work on creating incredibly successful careers for themselves.

However, pulling off an event can include much more than this and given below are the 5 C’s of Event Management that can serve as additional tips for those interested in knowing more about the workings of an event.


The very first step in putting together an event is understanding the concept of the event. The very reason for why the event is being held and the experience you wish to present to the attendees is what constitutes the event concept.

The best way to narrow down the concept is by using past experiences, understanding the vision the client wishes to execute and the end result of how the event needs to be. The what, the who and the how together make up this first step of the event management process, the Concept of the event, regardless of its nature or size.


Once the task of conceptualizing the event is done, the next step is that of coordination. Planning and executing an event is no easy feat and event coordination can directly impact the success or failure of any event.

Be it big or small, having a systematic approach right from the get go enables the event professional to follow the event plan through the T, reducing the possibility of any mishap and ensuring the event is conducted as per the pre-defined plan.


This comprises the third step in the process of event management. A step that is most often neglected, control over the event is just as important as the initial two steps.

Control in terms of vendor management, core event functions, ensuring the itinerary is up to date, frequent contact with the client and the supply team, the venue and entertainment facilities and other logistical aspects that most often get overlooked when it comes to the overall execution of the event.


The D-day marks the culmination of all the hard work and planning that goes into executing the event. Each of the previously mentioned steps put together lead up to what the end result will look like and careful planning needs to be done in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Keeping communication open, minimizing the possibility of any avoidable mishaps and following the predetermined plan at each step of the event can result in the event being successful.


The event process does not end with the execution of the event itself. Post the event, tasks such as payments to be made and received, feedback being conveyed, understanding the areas that can be improved and rightly appreciating hard work and efficiency are important aspects in event management that can strongly influence the members of the team in a positive way.

Now that you know the 5 C’s of event management, you are ready to plan your next great event. As long as you follow these 5 rules, you will always plan an unforgettable event. Watch the full video for more insights.


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